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Whether your dog is a leash-walking pro or you’re just getting started on the etiquette of walking on a leash, there’s a leash for you! The best leash for a medium-sized dog will be durable and provide enough slack for them to roam when needed, but also for you to keep control in extenuating circumstances. Keep reading to learn about the leashes we thought worked best for medium-breed dogs.

Best Medium Dog Leashes

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Should I Use a Collar or a Harness With the Leash I Choose?

Harnesses are becoming a more popular choice for restraining your dog while using a leash. Their main draw is that they reduce the strain that is put on the neck during walks. They also discourage pulling because your dog isn’t able to pull forward when they tug, which they are able to do with a collar. This makes harnesses a great choice for when you are starting to leash-train your dog. Be careful, though; if your dog does continue to pull on a harness, it could lead to a chest injury. 

Collars are the more traditional and common option, and they are usually more comfortable for your dog for extended use. If you use a harness, you will need to take it off when you are not walking your dog. 

We recommend consulting with your vet when deciding whether to use a collar or harness when walking your dog. Some dogs are more prone to injury when wearing collars and should wear a harness instead, while other dogs will respond better with a collar. Regardless of the option you choose, we hope that you find leash-training and walking your dog enjoyable!

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