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Best Leather Dog Collars For Medium Dogs

One responsibility that comes with owning a dog is taking them out for a walk everyday! Your furry little friend needs a lot more active time than what you can give them inside your home. While dog harnesses are a great option to tie their leash to, many people opt for collars since the dog can wear them all day without being overwhelmed. The best option is to get your dog a leather collar as it not only looks good and stylish but is also very comfortable. It comes in a variety of options available online. So to help you pick the best one, we have covered some of the best leather collars for medium sized dogs.

Best Leather Dog Collars For Medium Dogs

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How to Find The Best Leather Dog Collars For Medium Dogs For Your dog

The Best Buying Guide for Leather Collars for Medium-sized Dogs

Leather collars are still the best option for dogs. However, they are often only used by rescue or search dogs. Leather is perfect for its functionality. It lasts a long time. 

Working dogs usually wear functional leather collars, but this does not mean your medium-sized friend can’t sport one, too. After all, there are numerous benefits to wearing leather collars.

  • While leather is known for its resilience, it becomes more tender over time. Therefore you get the combination of durability and comfort from this product.
  • Leather has a firm grip. If it rains, you won’t have a hard time holding, adjusting, or removing the collar.
  • Most leather collars come with metal buckles, which are sturdier and easier to manage than plastic versions.
  • Leather still looks amazing after years of use. It never fades.

Important Features When Buying Leather Collars

There are numerous features to look for when buying collars for your medium-sized dog, but these four are the most crucial.

  • Durability: As mentioned earlier, leather is suitable for your dog because of its lasting quality. However, these days, hybrid options have more flair and robustness than full leather collars. 
  • Design: Why would you buy something that doesn’t make your dog look even more adorable? Leather designs vary. You can choose between different colors and styles to bring out your dog’s cuteness.
  • Comfort: Padded leather collars are much more comfortable than those with straight edges. These are also rolled to accommodate the padding. Maybe you can also look into designs without buckles because this can be a bit disorienting to some dogs.
  • Size: Select the right size. Always. The right size means the perfect fit. The perfect fit is not too tight or loose. There should be enough space for your dog to breathe with ease. Tight collars can lead to hair tangles or skin issues. On the other hand, a loose collar is useless if your dog ends up misplacing it. 
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