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Best Leakproof Water Bottle Dispenser

Whether you are on the go, at work, at the gym or just at home, you need to stay hydrated at all times. It’s said that keeping a water bottle with you at all hours of the day can help increase your water intake. Moreover, with global warming on the rise, it’s best to ditch the single use plastic bottles and go for a safer and a more durable option. With a huge variety of options available to you, a reusable leak proof water bottle is just what you need!

Best Leakproof Water Bottle Dispenser

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How to Find The Best Leakproof Water Bottle Dispenser For Your dog

Hydrate with the Best Leak Proof Water Bottle Dispenser: Buying Guide

While staying hydrated is important for us, it’s also the same for dogs. Although you might always stay with your pet indoors, a fun trip to the park or campsite is necessary. Let your pooch play, run, and enjoy the outdoors. Now what comes with these activities is proper hydration. A water bowl is absolutely out of the question here. So for this matter, a handy leak-proof water bottle dispenser is a must-have to your pet care arsenal.

What is a Leak-Proof Water Bottle Dispenser?

A leak-proof water bottle dispenser for dogs is basically a travel-friendly water bottle that can store water while your pet is out and about. It usually features a built-in dispenser so that your pooch can drink straight from the bottle. Without the need for you to always carry a separate bowl, these are extremely handy for on-the-go use.

Buying Tips for Leak-Proof Water Bottle Dispensers

A dog water bottle should have the right features, which can make everything easy for you and Fido. Here are the factors that you should consider when selecting the best leak-proof water bottle:

  • Leak-Proofing

Above all else, the product must live up to its name. It’s described as “leak-proof,” so the bottle itself should not cause any leakages no matter what liquid you are storing in it. In this case, you can tell that a product is indeed leak-proof if it has a secure lid. This prevents all the mess of leaking water on your travel bag as you lose everything you prepared for your thirsty dog who needs his own supply of water.

  • Dispenser

The majority of these dog leak-proof water bottle dispensers feature a kind of dispenser or a bow-like area for your dogs to drink from. You have to always look at the design or structure of the dispenser to see if it will work for your dog. The importance of finding the right fit speaks of convenience. It can be seen in a situation for large dogs that may be reluctant to drink from small dispensers, the same thing with small dogs who usually get overwhelmed by big dispensers with wide muzzles. 

  • Capacity

In the market, you can find water bottles that have a wide range of capacities. You can get one that holds less than seven ounces to over twenty-eight ounces of liquid. For this, you have to consider knowing the average length of walks and trips you would have with your dogs before buying one. Also, the size of the bottles you will buy should depend on the size of your dog.

Remember this; small dogs do not always require as much water as large dogs. Do you have small puppies? You can get away with just having a smaller water bottle for them.

  • Portability

You have to consider how easy to carry your preferred water bottle dispenser is. You may plan to take your dogs on hikes so you should look for a product like this that is portable. Look for something fairly lightweight with a clip or strap so you can attach it to your belt, pack, or anywhere near you.

  • Material

Dog leak-proof water bottle dispensers are made from either plastic or stainless steel, generally. The lightweight and inexpensive ones are the ones made from plastic, but they are more likely to break and show some cracks over time, especially if you accidentally dropped it onto a hard surface.

Stainless water bottle dispensers are more durable and leak-proof that can help keep the water in place. They’re also less susceptible to cracks, scratches, dents, or even instances where they might break. They’re just a little bit heavier to carry, but know that they last long. 

  • Built-in Water Filter

After all, this feature might not seem like a priority because dogs can happily drink out of puddles and the like, but it does not mean that it is good for them. 

For a few advanced water dispensers, you can get a built-in water filter. As we all know, this filters the water from all the contaminants that your dog may consume. If you’re getting water from different sources, this is a must-have. This can guarantee you that your pooch will only drink safe, clean water at all times.

Since we all treat our dogs as part of our families, you might as well buy every single necessity that your pooch needs. Considering that water is one of the basic necessities of animals, the right water bottle dispenser is a must-have. It’s not enough that you have something to store water, but it should be leak-proof as well. Take note of all the buying tips provided above, and you can allow your pet to have easy access to water with convenience for your part as well. 

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