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Best Leak Proof Food Travel Bag

We know what a hassle it is to carry your dog’s food while you’re on the go. The dry treats or biscuits are comparatively easier to store but when it comes to wet food, it can surely be a hassle! So why risk spilling food all inside your own bag when you can get a leak proof food travel bag for dogs? There are a lot of possibilities to choose from.

Best Leak Proof Food Travel Bag

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How to Find The Best Leak Proof Food Travel Bag For Your dog

Buying Guide for the Best Leak-Proof Food Travel Bag for Dogs

Traveling around requires a list of basic necessities. There are things you need to bring for food storage, personal hygiene kit, and of course, your clothes—especially if you are up in the mountains or the middle of a road trip. It gets a little bumpy so they get moved around a lot.

Now there are times when you can have the same problem with your dog. Just imagine all the necessities you have to carry, which are not limited to treats, kibbles, clean water, and probably his one favorite toy. These things are not exempted from being misplaced or falling on the ground, especially if the travel bag is of poor quality. Any mess is just hard to clean up, especially if you’re with Fido. Get rid of the hassle and purchase a leak-proof food travel bag to avoid this kind of problem.  

Why You Should Use a Leak-Proof Food Travel Bag

Leak-proof food travel bags can be helpful in a lot of ways. You might be driving your dog to the park for a picnic date only to find out that everything you prepared was spilled on the backseat. Any pet owner wouldn’t want to deal with a huge mess. Thus, you should buy a leak-proof food travel bag to sort this out.

Did we also mention that it doesn’t retain smell? You’ll definitely see the difference while you compare it with standard food plastic containers. Some pet parents use these plastic containers for their dogs’ goodies. In reality, it’s not advisable. The smell of your dog’s kibble will linger in the bag. The smell can be pretty strong, and it may cling to the container itself for a long time.

Types of Leak-Proof Food Travel Bags

For the basics, you can start by knowing several types of leak-proof food travel bags available on the market. This will help you narrow down your options as you find the right one.

  • Collapsible Cloth Bag

This feature for a food travel bag is one of the most sought-out for its compact and convenient design. It collapses to a smaller size to take up less space in your travel baggage.

It does not have special compartments for treats or collapsible bowls, but its durability and reliable features make it worth your money. The main compartment itself is made of leak-proof lining to prevent any goods from spilling all over the bag.

  • Leak-Proof Vault Travel Bags

This cylindrical food travel container is made from hard plastic that comes with two detachable bowls. Its tight lock where the food is stored guarantees no single spillage. The plastic material is also non-toxic, so your food won’t become contaminated by toxic chemicals.

One thing that you’ll definitely love from vaults is that they can survive rough jostling from bumpy travels. You will not have to worry about the kibbles getting everywhere.

  • Multi-Function Tote Organizer

A tote organizer is currently the most popular dog travel bag in the market. Aside from its multiple functions and compartments for your dog’s necessities, it has a large space for dry food for proper and safe storage. There is also a leak-proof inner lining for it not to spill all over the bag, so you won’t have to deal with scrambled and mixed goods.

Box-type design helps with keeping the contents in place and organized while you are out with your dog on an adventurous journey.

Important Leak-Proof Food Travel Bags Features to Consider

Now, for the real deal, consider these several factors before buying the best food travel bag.

  • Food Storage Capacity

The amount of food that you bring should always depend on how much of an eater your dog is. Small food travel bags are not suited for large dog breeds, no matter how good the features they have. You cannot force a large amount of food in a small bag because even a leak-proof bag can explode if you’re storing more than its standard capacity.

  • Weight

It goes without saying that the bag is going to become heavier once you place all the goodies inside. However, if you want the bag to be easier to carry around and store in the car, you should consider buying the lightweight ones.

  • Material

This one is important for what kind of food you are storing. Some leak-proof food travel bags are only meant for dry dog food. Meanwhile, if you usually feed your dog wet food, then you have to consider the material it is made from.

Leak-proof inner linings do help. Some are even water and oil-proof, but you should always look out for the material to make sure it suits the type of dog food you will bring.

Food Serving Capability

There are food travel bags that can be converted into bowls itself where your furry companion can eat directly. Some come with collapsible bowls for food and water, and some have built-in bowls attached to the bag.


Being leak-proof is just another special feature of a dog’s food travel bag. Aside from having that, there are still other things to consider when you purchase one—may it be for practical purposes or for your personal preferences. Always remember to choose according to the needs of your dog, not only for your own as a loving owner.

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