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The Best Large Dog Beds

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Keeping your large dog comfortable can be a challenge, especially when it comes to choosing a bed. Our team members and their dogs tested out some of the top dog beds for large dogs, and our results are below!

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Best Large Dog Beds

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The shining star of this review is the iDog launcher. This unit has five different distance settings, as opposed to three on the other systems. It’s well priced, and the balls are easily interchangeable with standard tennis balls. The DogGear team members love the remote control and the fact that it comes standard with rechargeable batteries.

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How Can I Make My Big Dog Comfortable in My Small Apartment?

The best way to make sure your dog is feeling comfortable (especially when they’re on the larger side) if you have a small apartment is to make sure they get enough exercise every day. By walking or jogging with them and playing with them at the dog park, you can ensure that they don’t start feeling cooped up.

It can also help to make sure your dog has a comfy space that is just for them. In small apartments, this can be difficult to do, but it will help to keep the clutter associated with your dog in one place and give your pup somewhere to withdraw to. This space may include a soft dog bed (like one of the options reviewed above), their food and water bowls, or some toys. If there’s room, putting your dog’s bed in a crate that they can make into their own cozy den will make them feel more at home and may also help you feel less like your space is overwhelmed by your dog.