Discover the Best Indoor Dog Houses for Your Adult Dog or Puppy

Find the Perfect Indoor Dog Houses for Your Pup

The idea of an indoor dog house might seem a little confusing. Why would you need a house within a house? While this might not be the most obvious product, the truth is that it can help to make your dog a lot happier, while at the same time adding a cute and fun feature to your property. Indoor dog houses are exactly as they sound—these are dog houses that you keep inside your home. They are also mainly recommended for only small sized dogs. Why? Because a large dog will of course require a much bigger dog house, which may have a hard time fitting into your home in a non-invasive manner!

The indoor dog house works just like a crate, except that unlike a crate, it will also have a “roof” and often a door. It looks like a dog house and function likes one, but is kept indoors and used as an alternative to a bed or crate. With all that said, what are some of the best indoor dog houses? Here are the DogGear team’s top picks.