Discover the Best Indestructible Toys for Your Adult Dog or Puppy

Find the Perfect Indestructible Dog Toys for Your Pup

If your dog is a heavy chewer or likes to play a lot, they probably go through a lot of toys. How can you save yourself from continuously buying toys that are so destructible and find something that will last your dog a longer time? An “indestructible” dog toy might be just what you need. These are toys made of durable materials like tough nylon or thick rope. And, while there’s no such thing as a toy that is truly indestructible—there’s always a dog who can find the weak spot—there are definitely toys that are made to last much longer than others.

The DogGear experts have researched and discovered some of the best indestructible toys out there. Our favorites here are organized by the size of dog they’d be best for, which we usually determine by dog weight:

Our favorite indestructible toys for small dogs are up first, and our picks for larger dogs are further down the page.