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Holistic dog food is intended to provide most of the nutritional requirements for dogs. With protein from high-quality sources and other choice ingredients, dogs are ensured optimum health and good skin and coat condition.

DogGear recommends the following guide to determine whether your dog is small, medium, or large. You can do this by assessing your dog’s weight:

We’ve categorized the holistic dog food brands into three size-based groups to make it easier to find what you need. We also encourage you to complete our short quiz, which will help us provide even more choices in holistic dog food.

Best Holistic Dog Food

The idea behind a holistic diet is to provide high quality ingredients without the preservatives. For example, high quality proteins from trustworthy sources e.g. organic grass fed beef. These foods can also contain probiotics and other ingredients that support a healthy gastrointestinal tract. It is important when choosing a holistic dog food to consider a well balanced diet. It is important to consult with your veterinarian to determine the most appropriate diet for your companion. If you are looking for a holistic diet that you can trust with high quality ingredients, this tool is an excellent way to choose the most appropriate holistic diet for your companion.

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Best Holistic Food for Dogs

Best Holistic Food for Small Dogs

Our top picks by your dog’s needs

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*Medium-sized dogs have unique nutritional requirements, and they especially benefit from quality holistic dog food.

Best Holistic Food for Medium Dogs

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*Ensuring proper nutrition is one of the most important concerns for dog owners. Keep reading for our favorite nutritious options for large dogs.

Best Holistic Food for Large Dogs

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DogGear Philosophy

Different-sized dogs have different nutritional needs, and you have to ensure they get the maximum nutritional value from their food. By choosing the best holistic dog food available, you can help your dog meet his day-to-day nutritional requirements. If we did not have a product that met your dog’s needs, please browse our broader dog food page with a number of specialty dog food products. Do complete the provided quiz to help us find even better choices for you!

How to Find the Perfect Holistic Dog Food For You.

Choosing Holistic Food for Your Dog

The choice of holistic dog food you get for your pet is dependent on various factors. Size, weight, age, activity level, and physical condition will all have to be considered when comparing the different brands. You will have to choose one based on the nutritional requirements of your dog of course, but you will also have to consider taste and effect on your dog’s digestive system.

A good quality protein source is essential, as this is what dogs need the most. Adequate amounts of vitamins, minerals, and essential enzymes are also necessary for continued good health, as well as excellent skin and coat condition.

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