Discover the Best Healthy Dog Food For Your Adult Dog or Puppy

Find the Perfect Healthy Dog Food For Your Pup

Your dog needs to eat a balanced diet of nutrients, just like you do. Food is not just fuel for your dog, it is the very stuff that your dog’s body uses in order to sustain and build itself. When you give a dog protein, the protein is broken down in order to build muscle, brain matter, and other tissue. When you give a dog calcium, the calcium strengthens the dog’s bones. The healthiest dogs are those that eat a balanced diet that contains all the amino acids they could want, along with fatty acids, vitamins, minerals, and more. Those things are what help ensure that every process that goes on inside your dog’s body is supported.

Finding a healthy dog food for your pup may seem daunting, but we’ve discovered some of the best options and listed them out on this page. The DogGear team’s selections are organized by dog size, which we generally determine by weight:

If your dog seems tired, if it isn’t happy, if its skin is bad, or if it has joint problems – diet is very often the culprit. In fact, the right dog diet can even help to stave off other issues such as a bad coat or fleas! So, in order to give your dog the best diet, here are some of the healthiest dog foods for you to pick from. Our healthy foods for small dogs are first, while our selections for larger dogs are further down the page. You can also take our quiz to get an option that is personalized to your pup.