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Living with a long-haired dog comes with its own unique challenges. While you gain a lovable furry companion out of such an arrangement, you also gain the somewhat annoying situation of constantly having to sweep shed hairs from almost every surface within your home. Keeping your pet thoroughly groomed can help make this issue more manageable, but what about during those in-between periods? You can only make trips to the groomer’s every so often, especially if you’re on a budget. The answer to this issue may lie in investing in a brush glove, which is a handy little invention that allows you to pet your dog while also combing away those shed hairs in an easily disposable manner. If this product appeals to you, keep reading to learn about our top picks.

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*The DogGear team did not stop with grooming glove, we moved on and analyzed them for medium dogs as well. Read on to gain knowledge and save time.

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Keeping your pet groomed and your living space free of hair can be a challenge in and of itself. However, finding the right brush—or brush gloves—can keep you from tearing your own hair out over the mess. Need help finding just the right pair for your pooch? Click here to access our free quiz, which can help you pinpoint the right product for your pet’s needs.

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