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Glucosamine is a natural substance found in your dog’s body (particularly in cartilage) that helps form and repair body tissue. Glucosamine production slows down as dogs age, and working dogs or very active dogs may also have issues with glucosamine production. Continuous wear and tear on dog joints along with reduced glucosamine production can lead to joint pain, stiffness, and even arthritis. The DogGear team has found that adding a glucosamine supplement to our aging dogs’ daily routines has proven beneficial in the long run, putting a spring back in our furry friends’ steps and naturally helping with joint health.

We have tested and researched the best glucosamine supplements on the market, and our favorites are here. Check out our top selections to learn more.

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Best Glucosamine Supplement for Dogs

Best Glucosamine Supplement for Dogs

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DogGear Philosophy

Whether your dog is experiencing joint issues as they age or due to their activity level, a glucosamine supplement may be of help. We hope these selections give you a good place to start, and if you find a glucosamine supplement not listed here that you love, please let us know. Our team of experts will be happy to research it!

Find the Perfect Glucosamine Supplement For You Pup

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Signs Your Dog Might Benefit from Glucosamine

If your dog is aging and seems to be slowing down to the point that they refuse to move, it might be beneficial to try a glucosamine supplement. It’s actually very important that your dog continues to exercise and move around, since inactivity can lead to decreased muscle strength and increased joint stiffness or pain. Glucosamine is a natural substance that can help rebuild the tissues in joints and muscles, so your dog can continue their activity even as they age.

Other dogs who might benefit from glucosamine are working dogs or those who exercise a lot. These pups put a lot of strain on their joints and muscles, and may need a boost in the glucosamine that is naturally in their body.

Glucosamine’s Benefits for Your Dog

Glucosamine is a natural substance, so supplements that contain it will rarely cause side effects. Because of this, it’s also naturally restorative for your dog’s joints. This means that it actually repairs the joints and increases mobility. If you notice your dog seems to be in pain while walking, glucosamine has anti-inflammatory properties, which can reduce the amount of pain they are in and will also reduce the need for painkillers.

What to Look for in a Glucosamine Supplement

The best glucosamine supplements combine other nutrients and natural substances to provide a well-rounded positive effect. One of those natural substances is chondroitin (also found in your dog’s cartilage), which can provide an even greater benefit to your dog’s joints when combined with glucosamine. MSM, or methylsulphnolmenthane, has also been shown to improve joints and reduce inflammation and pain.

How to Tell the Supplement Is Working

Typically, glucosamine supplements start with a higher dose for the first several weeks, and then cut back to a smaller dose. This is usually based on the dog’s weight. Most dogs will show signs of improvement within the first four to six weeks of taking a glucosamine supplement. Many dogs will have increased energy or playfulness and seem more willing to go on walks or climb onto the couch. Some may even seem happier overall!

You can keep your dog on a glucosamine supplement throughout their life and may notice signs of joint pain recurring if you discontinue using it. Glucosamine is a safe, natural way to help your dog function normally and even improve their quality of life. You might be surprised at the results!

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