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Best Gain Scent Booster For Dog

It’s no secret that owning a fur baby comes with a lot of messes. Cleaning up after your pup is a definite labor of love, and it helps to have tools to make that process easier. Scent boosters are a much-needed tool for combatting the odors your pooch leaves behind. They amplify the fragrance of your detergent, leaving your laundry smelling fresher and better for longer. Our testing team looked at several options, choosing our favorites based on fragrance, the ingredients in the scent booster, and how long the aroma lasted after washing.

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Best Gain Scent Booster

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Have you ever had the problem of having your clothes lose their fragrance? Arer you someone who likes to have a fresh and clean set of clothes with a fragrance that lasts for a longer time? Most detergents have a default fragrance ,but nowadays scent boosters have been a popular choice in the market. Gain scent booster gives off a powerful quality of fragrance that comes at an affordable price. Check out its features and different available scents below.

Gain Scent Booster Features

Gain scent booster is a fragrance enhancer in the form of small beads that gives your clothes an added aroma. A bottle of a regular-sized gain scent booster will make your laundry smell clean and fresh for up to three months. It is also very easy to use. Just fill the bottle cap up to the brim along with any type of detergent and your clothes will have that extra boost of scent. It will work in any High-Efficiency (HE) washing machine. It comes in various sizes with the smallest at 190 mL and the largest size is at 800 mL.

Popular Scents

  •       Original Fireworks
  •       Fiercely Fresh
  •       Midnight Bloom
  •       Blissful Breeze
  •       Island Fresh
  •       Moonlight Breeze
  •       Tropical Sunrise
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