Discover the Best Front Clip Harness for Your Adult Dog or Puppy

Find the Perfect Front Clip Dog Harness for Your Pup

Front clip harnesses feature the spot to attach your leash in the center of the dog’s chest, rather than on their back. In most cases, a front-clip harness will provide more control over the dog because it allows you to turn your dog back towards you if necessary. Our team has reviewed the top front-clip harnesses on the market. Read the reviews below to find the right one for your dog.

To find the best front-clip leash for your dog, determine your dog’s size based on DogGear standards. We usually base this on weight:

Now that you know your dog’s size, browse our recommendations below! Selections for smaller dogs are first, and you can scroll further down the page for the top picks for larger dogs. You can also try our quick quiz to get a suggestion that is personalized to your dog and their needs based on our time spent researching dog harnesses.