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Best Free Standing Dog Gates

Dog gates are a perfect household item for dog owners looking to confine dogs of all sizes and ages to specific areas of the home. Dog gates are built in all different sizes, color options and functionalities. Freestanding dog gates are a great alternative to permanent gates and do not require hardware or installation. Freestanding dog gates work well for dog owners who want to protect areas of their home or limit their dogs’ footprint. 

Judy Schezk, avid runner and dog owner, says, “My freestanding dog gate works perfectly! After our morning runs, my little dog has so much energy and if not for the gate, he would run all around the house. The freestanding gate opens and sets up in seconds, which is convenient when you have a quick and agile dog. I love having the gate and encourage dog owners to give them a try!”

Best Free Standing Dog Gates

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