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A food scale is a great kitchen tool for providing your dog with the proper proportions necessary for a healthy diet. It’s easy to just pour dog food directly into a bowl but that risks over- or under-feeding your pet. A food scale can accommodate the weight of a bowl, plate or measuring cup, giving you the weight of your dog’s food only for accuracy.

Dr. Cheryl Hart, chiropractor and dog boarder, “Measuring your dog’s food is a good way to ensure they’re eating healthy, maintaining their overall wellness and energy levels.”

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How to Find The Best Food Scale For Your dog

Buying Tips for Your Ultimate Food Scale

Achieving a healthy lifestyle is a goal each one of us wants to have. It can be easily achieved by eating the right food, doing some sort of exercise, and surrounding yourself with people that inspire you. Favorably, we all can agree that these are essentials to our lives. Living a healthy lifestyle is a must for us, humans, but for our pets, especially the dogs that we love, also have to attain the same thing. Before that, you need to keep track of the progress by measuring the food they eat.

Food scales, as the name suggests, provide precise measurements for quantities of food liquids. These food scales will give you the right amount of food for your dogs suited for their weight, breeding, or behavior.

Types of Food Scales

These food scales have three specific types: the analog, digital and hanging.

  • Analog Food Scales 

These are the scales we are most familiar with. They’re portable and can function even without batteries or cords. You can measure solid, moist food and even wet substances. Plus, they’re affordable to purchase.

  • Digital Food Scales 

They are the popular scales in the market as of today. These scales can be found battery-operated or electrically powered. Although they come in higher price points, you can guarantee that the measurements are accurate.

  • Hanging Food Scales 

They are designed to measure large food quantities. Say you need to measure a whole piece of chicken meat or a fish. You can also use them to measure the weight of various food packs or bags.

Important Features to Look for in Buying the Best Food Scale

A food scale to buy for your dogs should at least have a few important features. Here are the factors you should be seeking when purchasing these food scales:

  • Functionality

Consider how functional and versatile your food scale is. Look for food scales that include function for the unit button and tare function.

Preferably, a food scale will help you get precise measurements through a unit button. The unit button can switch the weight of food from grams to pounds and vice versa. Multifunctional weighing options are needed, especially if you’re told to use a specific unit by your vet. A food scale that has a unit button will provide you measurements in gram, ounce, milliliter, and pounds.

In addition, tare function is an essential feature for accuracy. The tare function will deduct the overall weight of the platform to the weight of the food you’re trying to measure. 

  • Portability

Look for a food scale that is small enough to fit in your kitchen to save more space. 

Moreover, the shape of the platform might be something that you consider necessary too.  Rounded scales will be efficient to measure wet quantities of water, milk or any liquid, while rectangular scales will be useful in measuring solid, dry or moist quantities of food.

  • Measurement Reading

Generally, any type of food scale can give precise weight, but the best food scale you could buy has to read and display quick measurements in time.

There are instances when you have to add more or deduct less from the food you’re trying to measure. What’s really bothering me is that some scales tend to read measurements slowly. This can be time-consuming and the numbers might be even inaccurate! So when buying the best food scale, it’s best to test the product first. You need one that can read fast and display accurate results at the same time. 

  • Readability

What comes after measurement reading is readability. Aside from providing fast and accurate numbers, you should be able to read the data without squinting your eyes too hard!

In this case, digital food scales are your top choice. They only display the number in large fonts. Some of them even come with LED light so you can still read in dark areas. Analog food scales come with an analog dial that can take more time to read. 

  • Energy-Saving

If you’re opting for a digital food scale, you should get one with an energy-saving feature. It should automatically shut down after a long period of inactivity. This will help preserve the battery of your scale.

Food scales that are chosen by the buyers have a waiting period of two minutes or five minutes before it automatically turns off.

  • Design

How about a decent-looking and stylish food scale? You can look for laminated scale buttons that are covered with a plastic layer. It can even make your scale dust-proof and water-proof. They come in different colors too.

Above all else, measurements are essential. If your pooch needs to follow specific diet requirements as advised by your vet, you have to follow it constantly. Estimation is a risky thing to depend on. Hence, you should buy a food scale for your pet. Ensure that it has all the necessary features, and let Fido enjoy her meal in sufficient amounts!

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