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A flea or tick collar normally works by emitting a toxin or gas that is harmless to dogs and humans, but kills the fleas and ticks you want to avoid. These products simply lace your dog with an element that those ticks and fleas despise, thereby ensuring that they either die or get discouraged from hopping on your dog at all. Our team has found the top collars on the market for your small, medium, and/or large dog.

There are actually a number of different designs and technologies that can go into the creation of these collars. However, some are more effective at keeping ticks and fleas off your dog than others. In particular, a lot of these flea collars will emit a toxin that is released constantly in such a way as to coat the entire dog – rather than just impacting the canine’s neck. You don’t want to use a flea and tick collar in every scenario, but they are very useful for specific situations. For instance, they can be useful in conjunction with other flea control products as part of a more cohesive flea and tick  strategy. Another consideration is that like humans, dogs can sometimes have sensitive skin. While you will probably find that these collars are fine for 99% of dogs, there will be those one or two who have issues with the collar. If you find your dog is scratching or whining, then you might want to consider trying a different product or avoiding this particular technique altogether.

Best Flea and Tick Collars

Fleas and ticks are a major problem for our furry companions all over the United States. While in certain areas there are times of year when they are less problematic, it is often wise to use flea and tick prevention year round. Why? There are different stages of fleas and they can lay dormant even in cold weather. The problem many pet owners find are the shear number of products out there for flea and tick prevention, it gets very confusing. While your veterinarian does their best to advise on which products to use, often pet owners worry they pay more if they purchase the product through a veterinarian.  Use this tool to help guide you to the most appropriate flea and tick prevention as well as to ensure you are getting the best deal out there.

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Best Flea and Tick Collars

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Flea and tick collars are great tools for dogs in most parts of the country to help keep disease at bay.  We are DogGear are excited you are making the choice to invest in a flea and tick collar. If you are looking for a different type of collar, please take our quiz to find personalized recommendations from the DogGear team. Also, check out our collars overview page for nine great collars and information about specialty collars such as Martingale, prong, citronella and more.

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To find the best flea and tick dog collars, select to begin by breed or by size

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