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Just like us, our dogs love to have a little bit of variety when it comes to their snacking, and that makes complete sense – they have taste buds too, after all! Thankfully, filled dog treats give them just that! Not only are these treats available in a variety of flavors and fillings for a great snack experience for your dog, they’re also great for their oral hygiene. Did we mention that they usually keep your furry friend busy for hours on end? These filled treats are a fantastic way to reward your pup for being the best pup around.

Best Filled Dog Treats

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 Best Filled Treats for Dogs

Best Filled Dog Treats

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We all love a good quiz – especially one that gives us useful information to make pet ownership easier! With the sheer number of filled treats available for purchase, it can be difficult trying to figure out just which combination your dog will absolutely love. Peanut Butter in cow hooves or Bacon filled femurs? Too bad Rover can’t tell you exactly what he likes. Don’t fret, because the DogGear team has created a quick one to two-minute quiz that will help you compile the perfect filled treat for your furry best friend!

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