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Best Fetch Toys


Playing fetch is one of the most popular types of activities to enjoy with dogs. It allows them to get their energy out and bond with their owner while spending time outside. Although the game has traditionally been played with a stick or ball, there are other types of toys worth using to ensure the ball can be thrown farther and has a long lifespan. When looking for the right item to use, there are a few fetch toys worth considering to enhance the quality of time you spend with your four-legged friend.


Andrew Boston, a dog enthusiast, says, “My dog could spend hours playing fetch if I let him because of the different types of ball throwers and toys I use and the fast pace of the activity. I make sure to find throwers and balls that can increase the speed and distance of the item to make it more of a challenge and allow us both to have a bit of fun.”

Best Fetch Toys

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