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Best Feeding Mat

Anyone who owns a dog is familiar with how much of a mess the pet can make as they eat from their bowl or drink water. Spills are all too common around the bowls, which can cause damage to some types of floors. Feeding mats are extremely useful for containing the mess and protecting the floor underneath.

Denise, a dog lover, says, “Feeding mats are easy to wipe clean each day and can keep dog bowls in place as your pet eats each meal. They’re also useful for taking on trips to ensure your dog knows where they’re supposed to eat.”

Best Feeding Mat

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How to Find The Best Feeding Mat For Your dog

Feeding Mat

Feeding our pets can get messy. Sometimes our dogs love digging their food and end up knocking over the bowl. It can get stressful for pet owners to have messy eaters. Food and water spillage can damage the floor surface over time. Thus, using a feeding mat is a smart solution.

Is It Necessary To Use a Food Mat?

It is essential to reserve a specific spot where you can feed your pet every mealtime. It will help to create a routine and prevent your dog from becoming territorial. It is inevitable for food and water to spill on the floor. To avoid staining the floor, using a food mat is crucial.

Key Features of Food Mat

Waterproof and sturdy material

A food mat will serve as a barrier between the floor and the food. We suggest to choose a rug made of rubber or silicone material. If you buy a fabric material, make sure there is waterproof backing. While we protect the floor, we must also consider the safety of our pets. The material must be food-grade quality and ensure it wouldn’t be harmful to our pets.  Likewise, a skid-proof mat can prevent sliding.

Appropriate size

Choose a food mat suitable for the size of your dog. There should be enough space to accommodate the water and food bowl to allow comfortable feeding.

Easy to clean

It is vital to clean your food mat often, to ensure cleanliness and maintenance. The product must be easy to clean leftover food and spilled water. It helps if the mat is hand and machine washable safe for easy cleanup.

Design and color

You can find dog place mats in different shapes, including bone or rectangular shaped. Choose a mat with raised edges that stops water from leaking off the side. The color choice depends on the preference of the owner. 

Final Thoughts

There are so many dog feeding mats available, always select the best one for you and your pet. The vital thing to note is to keep your carpet safe and clean. Otherwise, mold and bacteria may buildup, which is harmful to your pet. Clean your mat regularly with mild detergent and warm water along with the water and food bowls.

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