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Whether it is for protection from the elements, covering up their sensitive paws, or keeping them in fashion, proper clothing is important for most types of dogs. Although most dogs do have fur coats of their own, they can only do so much to protect them from unpredictable weather. And of course, getting your pet to wear clothes just because they look adorable is a valid reason as well!

We categorized unicorn dog costumes into three categories to help you save time and money. First in our selection is the expert unicorn dog costumes. The next two selections are the contender and bargain picks. But if you are not sure what type of costume is right for your pup, try our short quiz, which will take you less than a minute to complete. This will help us find the best costume to fit your furry friend based on the time our team spent on researching all sorts of unicorn dog costumes available!

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Best Unicorn Costumes for Dogs

Best Unicorn Costumes for Dogs

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DogGear Philosophy

There are many brands of dog clothing available nowadays, offering different options for dogs of different sizes, shapes, and breeds. From puppy fashionistas to rugged and utilitarian work dogs, there are costumes ideally suited for most every pet.

Most pet owners purchase costumes based on their appearance. But it is important to consider other factors as well. Comfort should always be a priority, and you should also ensure your pet’s movements aren’t hindered in any way. By ensuring they are able to move, eat and breathe freely, they will be more likely to appreciate the adorable clothes you buy for them.

What type of costume should you get

How to choose the best costume for your dog?

There’s no denying that dogs are adorable when wearing costumes. However, there are plenty of aspects of your dog’s lifestyle that must be considered when choosing a gear that is comfortable for them. Your dogs must be very comfortable to move around even if they are in their costumes. As it is with humans, the dogs are cuter when they are comfortable.The most important factor is their protection. Dogs have natural coats on their skin that keep their fur soft and shiny but most breeds need an extra layer that will protect them from the harsh weather, especially during the colder seasons. It will also be better if their costume includes protective footwear for their sensitive paws and a costume that wraps around their stomachs.

Before purchasing any dog apparel, make sure to get the accurate measurements of your furry friends for the best fit. Pets have different conditions, so it is wise to consider their unique dispositions and needs in order to get a costume they will like.

Use either a soft fabric or measuring tape when taking quick and easy measurements for your dog. Measuring your dog can be challenging because they can get fidgety and playful, but it will help you know them better. In the future, this will make buying clothes and accessories easier for you and your pup.

Take time to read the description of the products you are buying for your dogs. Some dogs have sensitive skin and coat, making it inadvisable to buy costumes without checking on the materials used to make these costumes.

Dog Costume Care

Subsequently, after your dog uses the costume, always check the care instructions that come with it when it comes to cleaning and storing the costume. Most dog costumes can be taken to professional washers. However, if you prefer to wash your dog’s costumes at home, make sure to follow the washing instructions and use only a hypo-allergenic detergent that can be bought from pet shops. These hypo-allergenic detergent doesn’t have any scent or dyes that may irritate your dog’s skin and coat.

Other tips in washing include making sure all zippers are closed, putting all small parts in a mesh bag when using the washing machine, pre-treating stains if there are some, and opting for air-drying rather than heat-drying.