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Travel bowls come in a number of sizes and materials. Our team of dog lovers, experts, owners, professional handlers, and vets have dedicated countless hours finding the right ones for you and your dog so your dog can stay fed and hydrated during all of life’s adventures.

If this is your first time looking at travel bowls or you are new to our website, we categorize dogs as small, medium, or large. We do this by your dog’s weight to help you find appropriate sized products for your canine pal.

Separating the products into three categories helps making the buying process more straightforward for you. You will find travel bowls for small dogs below. If you have a medium or large dog, then please skip below.

Best Travel Bowls

There are a lot of collapsible bowls on the market and most are very similar. The most important thing to consider is your dog’s size. For large dogs, I would recommend a bowl that can hold five cups or more, while smaller dogs usually don’t need a bowl that large. I personally have used a Prima collapsible bowl now for two years with no issues. I like the fact that the Prima bowl is BPA free and is dishwasher safe.

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Best Travel Bowls for Small Dogs

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Best Travel Bowls for Medium Dogs

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DogGear Philosophy

At DogGear, we are constantly testing and evaluating products to find the best ones for you. If you find a product that we should review, simply send us a link or a sample and we will review it for you. If you didn’t find the travel bowl that meets your needs, please check out our other dog bowls or travel water bottles, which may have what you need.

Read on to learn more about travel bowls and how to choose one for your dog.

Going somewhere with your dog? You’ll have to pack a few essentials for your pooch, including water, food, toys and treats for the trip – but one common essential item that a lot of people will forget about entirely and only realize when they’re in need of it is the dog travel bowl.

It seems like something pretty obvious that naturally goes along with your dog’s food, but it’s still an item that a lot of people leave off their shopping list.

Here are your options when getting a dog travel bowl for your pet – and why getting the right one for your dog is essential.

What Kind of Material?

While the DogGear team loves stainless steel bowls for general use at home, these can be cumbersome to carry around when you are traveling, and many dog owners can’t justify the expense of having two sets of stainless steel bowls. Silicon is an excellent material for travel bowls because it is lightweight, easy to clean, and allows the bowls to be collapsible.

Rim Type

Many dog bowls have a rim around them, and this is usually for two different things at once. In cases where the rim looks a little bit like a moat, it’s designed to keep ants away from the food if you fill this cavity with water: Ants will usually refuse to cross the water, and your dog’s food bowl remains safe!

Larger rims on food bowls for dogs are instead for dogs who have a habit of knocking their food bowls over. These bowls are pretty much impossible to knock over or pick up even if your dog were to try – making it an ideal choice for many dog owners.

Size Really Matters

Consider the size of your dog and the size of the bowl when you’re choosing one for your pet. Make sure that it matches their usual and recommended portion size. Sometimes a bowl that’s too small or big can confuse a dog to the point where they eat around their food instead.

Bowls for Every Dog

Get a different travel bowl for every dog you own. It’s not a great idea to make them share – this can often lead to growling or fighting when in a group of dogs. Make sure that you’re able to space their bowls far apart enough – and that every dog gets their recommended portion size for their bowl.

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