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Looking for the best dog training pads? We have some excellent options for you! Check out these brands for some of the best options in dog training pads, and your home could be free of messy spills and odors a lot sooner than you think!  

The dog training pads we review here are conveniently categorized into expert, contender, and bargain sections. All of them will provide quality results, so your choice depends on your budget and preferences.

Best Dog Training Pads

Dog Training Pads

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Best Training Pads for Dogs

Best Training Pads for Dogs

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How to Find The Puppy Training Pad Contrasting Options For Your dog

Potty training pups can be challenging in the first few tries. However, as you go, you learn how to read your pup’s nonverbal signals. You will know when they need to go and you can set-up a routine for them to keep up their discipline. An ultimate necessity to designating potty time is putting in a puppy training pad in the area. While training pads seem like straightforward items, you will find several contrasting options. To help you choose among these, we outlined the pros and cons of each option.

  • Absorbent vs. Waterproof: Absorbent pads can take up 5-10 times of wetting before they need replacement. The high absorbency will call for a leak-proof backing and quick-drying capacity. On the other hand, waterproof options will keep fluids on the surface and will need to be cleaned immediately. Waterproof pads are usually made of silicone and will not require machine-washing, but simply wiping down in soiled areas.
  • Fixed-size vs. Resizable: Dog sizes range within a huge spectrum. Consider the total size of the dog you are training. It should fit the rest of the dog’s body into the pad to avoid any spillage. If it is too small, the training would all go to waste. Fixed-size options are great options for disposable pads and bulk buying. Opt for resizable pads if you are to use this for other pups in the future or if you want to keep the pads as a permanent option and not just for potty training.
  • Odor-neutralizing vs. Unscented: Odor-neutralizing pads have attractants, scents, and some activated carbon to help in removing pungent odors, especially after several uses. Unscented options are great for scent-sensitive dogs. 
  • Reusable vs. Disposable: This is particularly human personal preference since it plays on the convenience it can offer. Disposable pads can be used repeatedly. but will need replacement more often than reusable training pads. Reusable training pads are machine-washable and are usually more durable especially from pup chewers.

While the options above offer two contrasting alternatives, there is one feature we think is non-negotiable: a non-slip feature. The top layer of most puppy training pads is smooth and somewhat slippery. However, the undersides need not be slippery to avoid your pooch from sliding every time it goes to pee on the pad. If it does slip, there is a huge chance that your dog will refuse going back there unless he actually took it as playtime, which is highly unlikely for puppy training. Non-slip designs have adhesives or rubber attachments on the underside of the puppy training pad. 

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