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Oral hygiene is normally overlooked by most pet owners but it’s a big part your dog’s general health. For instance, your dog could be suffering from sore gums or toothache, without you knowing he is stressed and in pain. If it does not get treated, the bacteria can enter the bloodstream and affect your dog’s heart, liver or kidney. This is why you should pay attention to your dog’s hygiene and only buy the best products sold today.

When you are buying a toothbrush for your pup, consider their size because it is an important factor. Here is a guide to determine the best kind of toothbrush for your pet which depends on their breed, size, and others.

The below guide has listed the top dog toothbrush products that you can easily find today so anything you choose will not be an issue of where and how to buy it. Just imagine scrolling through thousands of products and have no idea which ones to consider, which is why this guide was written – for you. These reviews contain information that will truly help you and have been categorized based on your dog’s size.

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DogGear Philosophy

The size of a dog’s mouth and teeth depends on their overall size which is why it is necessary to consider it. Furthermore, the dog’s breed, activities, and eating habits have to be considered when buying a dog toothbrush as well. There is a quiz below that you can take so you will be guided on finding the best choice.

How To Find The Best Dog Toothbrush For Your Dog

When you own a dog, you know that they depend on you for care and affection. While a lot of dog owners understand the basics of caring for their dogs, they don’t pay much attention to dental hygiene.

Dental care of your dog can be at the bottom of your priority list. However, you need to pay attention to the proper dental hygiene of your pet. One of the best ways in which you can help your dog maintain optimal dental hygiene is by brushing their teeth regularly.

Types of Dog Toothbrush

Here are the different kinds of dog toothbrushes available in the market.

  1.       Single-Headed Dog Toothbrush

This toothbrush is similar to a human toothbrush, although this dog toothbrush comes with a curved end. The bristles of a single-headed toothbrush are softer compared to a human toothbrush. Thus, it does not hurt your dog’s delicate teeth or gums. 

  1.       Double-Headed Dog Toothbrush

If you want to brush your dog’s teeth quickly, we suggest using this toothbrush. It can clean both sides of your dog’s teeth in one go. If you know how to use this toothbrush properly, you can ensure the top and bottom of your dog’s jaws are spotless without too much effort. 

  1.       Double-Ended Toothbrush

This type of toothbrush has two ends with different sizes. A double-ended toothbrush can make it easy for you to switch from molars to incisors and vice-versa.

How to Choose the Right Dog Toothbrush

Below are some of the factors that you need to consider when choosing a toothbrush for your dog.

  •       Size of your dog

If you have a large breed dog, we suggest choosing a toothbrush with a long handle and bristles on both sides. In contrast, if you have a small dog, we recommend a toothbrush that has an average handle. 

  •       Replacement

We recommend replacing the toothbrush regularly. You may want to buy a packet with one or two more brushes. It is not only economical, but it is also healthier for your dog.

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