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Oral hygiene is normally overlooked by most pet owners but it’s a big part your dog’s general health. For instance, your dog could be suffering from sore gums or toothache, without you knowing he is stressed and in pain. If it does not get treated, the bacteria can enter the bloodstream and affect your dog’s heart, liver or kidney. This is why you should pay attention to your dog’s hygiene and only buy the best products sold today.

When you are buying a toothbrush for your pup, consider their size because it is an important factor. Here is a guide to determine the best kind of toothbrush for your pet which depends on their breed, size, and others.

The below guide has listed the top dog toothbrush products that you can easily find today so anything you choose will not be an issue of where and how to buy it. Just imagine scrolling through thousands of products and have no idea which ones to consider, which is why this guide was written – for you. These reviews contain information that will truly help you and have been categorized based on your dog’s size.

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DogGear Philosophy

The size of a dog’s mouth and teeth depends on their overall size which is why it is necessary to consider it. Furthermore, the dog’s breed, activities, and eating habits have to be considered when buying a dog toothbrush as well. There is a quiz below that you can take so you will be guided on finding the best choice.

What Kind of Toothbrush Should You Buy?

How to Choose the Best Dog Toothbrush for Your Dog

The kind of toothbrush you need to buy is the one that is appropriate for your dog’s mouth and teeth. You should also check the quality ratings of the product aside from the reviews. You will come across thousands of dog toothbrush products but doing your research and referring to this guide will definitely help you make the right choice.

When it comes to your dog’s dental hygiene, you should not take a risk of buying sub-standard products and always think about the safety of your dog because it will be inside their mouth. Aside from a good toothbrush, make sure the toothbrush is also safe for pets.

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