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Best Dog Toothbrush Stick

It’s the responsibility of every dog owner to do all they can to keep their pet pup happy and healthy, and there are many little things you can do to improve your dog’s overall health, especially in terms of their teeth. Brushing a dog’s teeth can be tricky, but certain toys can do most of the work for you, with special dog toothbrush stick chews being very useful cleaning away plaque and freshening breath. Here are some of the best dog toothbrush toys you can buy.

Best Dog Toothbrush Stick

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How to Find The Best Dog Toothbrush Stick For Your dog

Buying Guide: Choosing the Best Dog Toothbrush Stick

Taking care of our dogs’ teeth is our responsibility as pet owners. We have to regularly brush their teeth with toothpaste and go to the vet for regular dental checkups. Surely, we had a hard time brushing their teeth, since it takes time for them to be comfortable with it. Luckily, there are toothbrush sticks specially made for dogs that can make everything easier.


What is a Dog Toothbrush Stick?

A dog toothbrush stick is a long, thick, go-to dog dental essential that can benefit the oral health of your pooches.

If it’s challenging for you to regularly brush their teeth with a regular dog toothbrush, giving them a toothbrush stick can keep their teeth healthy. Aside from satisfying Fido’s natural instinct to chew, it can remove plaque and tartar buildup from their teeth.


The Basics of Dog Toothbrush Sticks

Just so you know that a dog toothbrush stick is different from a traditional long, thin dog toothbrush, it has specific parts that cater to dogs’ dental needs.

  • Toothpaste Reservoir

This is where you’ll put the toothpaste that can help remove Fido’s smelly breath.

  • Double-Sided Bristle Line  

These rigid bristles included in the toothbrush stick remove plaque and tartar in your dog’s teeth, particularly with in-between and hard to reach areas.

  • Side Nudges

This part provides added benefits to clean the other parts of your pooches’ teeth deeply.

  • Paw Pads

This can be found on the bottom part of the dog toothbrush stick. This allows your dogs to hold this dental tool easily.

How to Use a Dog Toothbrush Stick?

You may think that you can just give this toothbrush stick as a toy for them to play. However, you have to supervise them while they’re using this dental tool.

  1. The first thing you need to do is squeeze the toothpaste into the reservoir from the hole on top.
  2. Give the toothbrush stick to your dogs and let them chew it.
  3. Observe how they use the stick and let them clean their teeth by themselves.
  4. Get the toothbrush stick after five minutes and clean it by washing it with clean water.

Features to Consider when Looking for the Best Dog Toothbrush Stick

Not all dog toothbrush sticks are created equal. A toothbrush stick for dogs must clean their teeth and gums efficiently and effectively. Here’s what to consider when looking for the best toothbrush stick for dogs:

  • Vet-Approved

It is important to consult your veterinarian if you want to add this toothbrush stick to your dogs’ oral hygiene. If it’s your first time giving this toothbrush stick, asking for their advice can ensure Fido’s safety and provide their dental needs.

  • Material

To ensure the safety of the dog toothbrush sticks, check the materials used to manufacture them. Typically, a toothbrush stick is made of eco-friendly natural rubber. Natural rubber is safe for your pooches’ gums. With their soft texture, rubber won’t hurt their teeth and protect them from oral diseases.

  • Design

As you are aware of the basics of dog toothbrush sticks, check for the stick designed to clean the teeth of your dogs. You have to remember that it needs to fit Fido’s mouth comfortably.

Take note that the best toothbrush stick also has rigid bristles used to loosen tartar in Fido’s mouth, especially in tight spaces. It also has bristle lined grooves that can help clean their teeth deeply.  In addition, the toothbrush sticks need to have a paw base that can allow them to hold the stick easily and encourage them to chew on it.

  • Size

It is also important to consider the size of the toothbrush stick. Favorably, toothbrush sticks come with different sizes available for puppies and adult dogs. You should be highly concerned with the thickness of the toothbrush sticks, so they fit well inside your dogs’ mouths.

  • Durability

The last thing you want to happen is to see your dogs bite them off and swallow shredded rubber. When buying a toothbrush stick, durability is important. Make sure that it’s made with high quality, sturdy materials. Also, look for a stick that is bite-resistant. It will increase the durability of the stick since it won’t be torn into pieces easily.

  • Scent

There are toothbrush sticks for dogs that are scented to attract dogs’ attention. With that scent, our dogs will be more interested in taking them and enjoy chewing the stick. On top of that, the scent can also help remove the awful smell of your Fido’s mouth!

  • Additional Features

For the best buy, look for a 3-in-1 dental kit available for your dogs that comes with a regular toothbrush stick, an additional toothpaste, and a small cleaning brush stick. It will be cost-effective for you since you don’t have to buy them separately. Dental kits cost cheaper. It’s a plus if you’re using a reliable brand as well.

Using dog toothbrush sticks can truly benefit the dental care of your pooches. Just keep in mind that this dental tool is a great additional product on your Fido’s oral hygiene routine and not an alternative. You still need to brush their teeth to maintain their good oral health. With these dog toothbrush sticks, let your canine friends do the work and give them some kisses afterward!

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