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Best Dog Swimsuits

If you’re heading to the beach or lake with your pup, dressing them in a dog swimsuit can be an enjoyable way to bond by preparing for the experience together. Dog swimsuits are cut for the contours of a dog’s body to ensure comfort while also making it easy for dog owners to dress their pet in realistic-looking swimwear.

Dr. Jarett Gilpin, veterinarian at Critter Care and founder of Sweet Paws, says, “Choosing a dog swimsuit requires selecting one that’s not only appropriate in appearance but also size for maximum comfort.”

Best Dog Swimsuits

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How to Find The Best Dog Swimsuits For Your dog


During the summer, the best activity to do is hosting beach barbeques, frolicking in the waves, and lounging on the shore. It’s great to soak up the sun and show off colorful swimsuits with quirky designs and there’s nothing more adorable than to have matching swimsuits with your dog. Dog swimsuits will make your fur baby become the star of all the summer parties and more importantly, these will keep your dog safe from the harmful rays of the sun so you can both enjoy a nice long day out in the sun.

Why Your Dog Should Use Swimsuits

The most common reason why you should put swimsuits on your dog is because they look so cute in it, but more importantly, dog swimsuits are for protection from the sand and sun. Many people might not know this but dogs can get sunburned just like humans do. Light-colored dogs and dogs with minimal fur are more vulnerable to sun damage even with sunblock application. A swimsuit will protect their back and pink bellies while sporting the cutest bikinis and shorts.


  •       Rashguard

Rashguard swimsuits are for fur parents that opt for the best functionality over design. It has over 50+ UV protection and covers your dog’s shoulders and extends to the back. It leaves your dog’s backside exposed for more efficient bathroom breaks.

  •       T-shirt

T-shirt swimsuits are very stretchy and made with quick-drying technology. These have comfortable fabrics so you won’t have to worry about your dog getting rashes. Most t-shirts can be slipped on easily and these also come with a Velcro strap around the neck for better adjusting. T-shirt swimsuits are also able to cool the body temperature of your dog so you can let them play around under the sun for longer periods of time.

  •       Bikini

A swimsuit bikini has two parts: the top which is tied around your dog’s neck with a Velcro strap that goes around the middle and the bottom that has two leg holes that are a snug fit over your dog’s hind legs. These are the more popular choices among dog owners who want a more stylish selection for their furry pets. Dog bikinis are the most comfortable choice, but these are more vulnerable to sun exposure.

  •       Trunks

Dog swim trunks are the most casual choice out of all the dog swimsuits, but it comes with various colors and patterns. The trunks feature an elastic waistband so you can put it on your dog with minimal effort. Most swimsuit trunks are made from cotton and polyester so your dog will be comfortable as it runs around the beach.

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