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Best Dog Stain Removers for Clothing/Laundry

Pet accidents are some of the strongest smells known to man. They also result in some of the toughest stains. Having a dog in the family requires having a powerful stain and odor remover. First and foremost it needs to be effective. It should leave a freshened scent that is not overwhelming. Finally, a remover should be safe for treating a variety of materials as well as being reliable enough to use around children and pets.

Dr. Cheryl Hart is a chiropractor and dog boarder. “Pet accidents can cause stress in dogs and their caretakers,” she says. “This is especially true if clothing or other material is soiled. Rinsing and laundering as soon as possible is imperative but not always practical. Adding a high-quality pet stain remover to the wash is one of the best ways to ensure that the bacteria and smells are eliminated.”

Best Dog Stain Removers for Clothing/Laundry

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How to Find The Best Dog Stain Removers for Clothing/Laundry For Your dog

Spraying the Best Dog Stain Remover for Your Clothes

Accidents can happen to anyone. You can wake up one day and spill some coffee on the floor. You may also see your dog peeing on the laundry area, soaking some of your dirty clothes in a foul odor. Our dogs are not an exception! While in-house training and positive reinforcement are key, you may still have to clean up the mess on your clothes and laundry from time to time. For this, you’ll definitely seek a quality dog stain remover right away.

What is a Dog Stain Remover?

Dog stain removers are cleaning products used for getting rid of various pet stains. All of them come in handy bottles that you can use for spraying a solution to the stained area. Aside from that, you can also remove the lingering odor caused by the bacteria coming from the stains.

Why Should I Buy a Dog Stain Remover?

This question might be something that bothers you. What’s the point of buying a commercial dog stain remover? Others are doing their homemade DIY mixes, and they work.

The thing is, you have to know what works better based on your lifestyle. You might have heard some dog lovers mixing up a few ingredients that can be found in their kitchens to create a homemade dog stain remover. There’s no harm in trying them. If you’re looking for a budget-friendly option, you can feel free to try this method.

However, DIY solutions don’t work for all clothes. If you simply looked up for a random tip online, that doesn’t guarantee you that it would clean up all the mess from your garments. Besides, if you’re in a hurry, who would want to make a DIY dog stain remover? Do you even have the time to measure quantities of liquids just to create the right formula? If your answer is no, buying a cleaning product is a way better go-to option.

Commercial dog stain removers are made to be easy to use. The solution is formulated perfectly with all the essential cleaning compounds. You can move on to the cleaning process immediately. It’s just that you have to choose the best stain remover for your dog’s stains!

How to Choose the Best Dog Stain Remover for Clothing

There are a lot of pet stain removers in the market. It’s a great start to know where you are supposed to use them. If the product is for your laundry, then you’re in the right place. Here are a few buying tips for you.

  • Fabric

Now for starters, you at least have to know more about the fabrics of your clothes. Just a little background info may help you find the right one to buy.

Cotton is the most popular and commonly used fabric up to today. With this, your cleaning product options are endless. Clothes made from cotton can work on different temperatures, so they’re compatible with most dog stain removers too.

Wool happens to be more delicate and sensitive to cotton. Once you use a stain remover, just wash it once and spread the clothing flat for drying.

Synthetic fabrics are quite challenging to be stained and cleaned. If you’re planning to use several solvents like ammonia or acetone, be careful! They can ruin the appearance of your clothes.

Silk is a delicate fabric. It requires more TLC compared to the other fabrics. Say you own a dress made from silk, and your dog accidentally pees on you. Now, you’re worrying about how to clean up the mess. Essentially, harsh cleaning methods are a no-no. It’s best to seek help from a professional cleaner.

  • Ingredients

Dog stain cleaners are made from synthetic and plant-based cleaning ingredients. Everyone knows that the latter should be your go-to option, but know that not all dog stain cleaners are made from 100% plant-based cleaning compounds, all pure. You can choose any product which is a mix of both, but not mainly dependent on artificial ingredients.

  • Cleaning Efficiency

Who doesn’t want to use a dog stain remover that works in an instant? Everybody would love to have one on their shelves at home! Now, this is something that you should look for, especially if it’s an emergency or you’re in a hurry. 

However, consider how long a stain has lingered on your clothing. In case it’s an old stain, it can definitely take longer to dissolve. If you really want to take care of your clothes, always be on the lookout for fresh stains. Fresh stains are much easier to get rid of than older stains.

  • Safety

The right dog stain cleaner is safe to use. Some products include ingredients that are not only unnecessary, but might be even harmful in the long run. One example is hydrogen peroxide, which may discolor your clothes if a large amount of solution is sprayed on.

Ammonia is also a harmful component. It works, but it omits an overpowering smell. So when you’re washing your clothes, make sure that Fido is in a safe place where he can’t smell the solution. Open your windows and do the task in a well-ventilated room too!

Dogs are lovely creatures. Despite that, they mess up too. Don’t worry, you can do something about it. Finding the right dog stain remover might be puzzling at first, but once you get a grasp of what you should really look for, you can buy the right one.

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