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While you no doubt adore your dog, there’s just no hiding from the fact that they can be messy. Dogs have a fun habit of running around the yard when it is wet and muddy outside, then launching themselves with vigor onto your beautiful new couch or freshly cleaned floors. So hopefully you’ve learned this lesson and gotten yourself a blanket or towel to throw over furniture for just those occasions. But what about your beautiful car?

Many people don’t think about having seat covers for their car, seeing as it’s kind of accepted that cars are generally used outside and likely to get a little bit messy from time to time. But you don’t know messy until you’ve been on a walk with an excitable dog in wet weather. Not only is your pooch likely to launch themselves at every puddle on a walk, but if they see a big body of mud – then you can bet they’re diving in there, too. So now your wet and muddy dog needs to get in the car. But they don’t just sit neatly on the seat! What dogs really like to do when they come in from a walk is to rub their face across the entire row of back seats. They might scratch and dig into the fabric too, and they might attempt to bury whatever stick or random ball they’ve found.

And that’s where a seat cover comes in. Not only are they great for protecting your car from your dog, but they also can keep your dog in place and safe while you’re driving. With all that in mind, let’s take a look at the best dog seat covers out there!

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Best Dog Seat Covers for Dogs

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Best Dog Seat Covers for Dogs

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Finding the perfect seat covers is just a matter of time and trial. We hope the DogGear team’s choices point you in a good direction to get started!

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What to Look for In a Dog Seat Cover

The first thing you need to look for when choosing a dog seat cover is that it covers the entirety of your back seats and leaves no gaps for your dog to pull up. Likewise, you need to make sure that the seat cover is water resistant and generally able to prevent whatever drips off your dog from sinking through onto the seat.

Another thing to ensure is that your dog isn’t going to continuously slide off the seat. Some dogs will remain in their excitable state the entire way home, meaning that they’ll repeatedly jump on and off the seat for the entire journey or just stand up. This can be dangerous if the cover is slippery – so keep that in mind.

Finally, you might also want to look for a dog seat cover that is fairly easy on the eye. While this isn’t necessarily a priority, keep in mind that you are likely to use this all year round. If your objective is to protect the seat underneath but you never actually see that seat, you may as well look for a cover that isn’t horrible to look at!

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