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Best Dog Safe Deer Repellent

Deer are nice to look at, but when they sneak into your yard and begin to nibble at your shrubbery they become a big nuisance. That’s when having a good deer repellent becomes a must. However, you also want to be sure the deer repellent is safe for use around your family, including your four-legged, furry family members. We’ve looked at a variety of options and chosen our top picks based on their overall effectiveness, the ingredients they used, how safe they are on plants and for use around both humans and pets.

States Dr. Jarett Gilpin, “Deer are prey animals, so they’re especially sensitive to pungent smells that cause them discomfort, making them want to stay away from your yard. Plenty of repellents can do this with natural ingredients, and are completely safe for use around dogs.”

Best Dog Safe Deer Repellent

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