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Best Dog Ramps For Small Dogs For High Beds

Be it small dogs or tiny little puppies, they have one thing in common – they can’t access higher places without support. The constant effort of jumping onto a couch, bed or another higher platform drains their energy and tires them out very easily. This is where dog ramps come in as they help these dogs take tiny steps and make higher places accessible for them, especially the high bed placed in your room they seem to love so much. Just place the ramp against the raised platform and your dog will know exactly what to do. With a variety of options available online, here are our top picks.

Best Dog Ramps For Small Dogs For High Beds

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How to Find The Best Dog Ramps For Small Dogs For High Beds For Your dog

What to Think About When Getting a Dog Ramp

Getting a dog ramp for your dog is not only for your dog’s benefit. You get a kick out of it, too. You are opening yourself up to more kisses, cuddling, and waking up to an adorable face every morning. 

Dogs love to snuggle. Apparently, they become frustrated when they can’t find a way to gain access to you whenever they need some loving. Eventually, dogs develop negative feelings that reflect in their personality. You can prevent this from happening to your pooch by getting a dog ramp. There are two styles: dog ramps and dog stairs.

How Do Dog Ramps and Stairs Differ?

Below are some of the notable differences between ramps and stairs.

  • Dog ramps have no steps like dog stairs.
  • Dog ramps are more horizontal and occupy a lot more space than stairs, which are compact in design.
  • Dog ramps are perfect for larger dogs or dogs with disabilities, while smaller dogs favor dog stairs.

Features to Look for When Getting a Dog Ramp


Always take into account the size of the product and your available space. Some dog stairs are huge, but the steps allow your dogs to climb with ease. This is, of course, what you are after. With ramps, choose only a model that can support your dog well and corresponds to its size. In both cases, always make sure that the item does not fall short of the bed. Avoid selecting a narrow model because it might make your dog anxious when climbing. It should be the perfect height and width.


Prioritize your dog’s safety by choosing a product made of durable materials to ensure its lasting quality. Materials vary, ranging from foam to wood or plastic. Dogs can get rowdy, so pick a material that can survive bites and nibbles. 


Safety features include a non-skid base to prevent the product from tipping over while your dog is on it. Also ensure that the materials are non-toxic for your furbaby. 


There should not be a shortage of padding when ensuring your dog’s comfort level. Look for a product with strategically placed padding to provide an ergonomic experience for your doggo every single time it climbs toward you.


Since you are placing the dog ramp in your bedroom, it is understandable if you are concerned about the design. Look for a particular style that complements the rest of your room’s decor.

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