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Best Dog Pools For Large Dogs XL

Having dogs is super fun and wholesome. As these furry little beings make your life better, you should try to do the same for them. Most dogs love soaking in water and making great splashes whenever they can. If you simply want to give your dog a bath or just let them have some fun and cool off, consider investing in a high quality dog pool that will make the perfect choice for their play time. With a lot of options available online, we have selected the dog pools for large dogs to help you choose the most suitable one.

Best Dog Pools For Large Dogs XL

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How to Find The Best Dog Pools For Large Dogs XL For Your dog

Buying Guide for the Best Dog Pool for Extra Large Dogs

Will you be buying a pool for your dog this summer? Does it get excited whenever it plays in the pool? We have created this guide to help you find the best pool for your dog this summer! 

Types of Dog Pools

Inflatable Pools

Inflatable pools are cheap and easy to keep, however they are vulnerable to punctures and holes by the dog’s nails. It is also annoying to inflate and deflate for every use. We recommend this type of pool for small dogs or occasional use. 


Rigid Pools

Rigid pools consist of highly-durable, thick plastic, which makes them resistant to punctures and holes. You will have to strategize when storing rigid pools, since they don’t bend or fold and come in different shapes. 

Foldable Pools

Foldable pools are dependable compared to inflatable pools. They have the flexibility of an inflatable in conjunction with the portability and durability of rigid pools. This pool can be transported and stored easily. 

Factors to Consider When Buying a Dog Pool

Shape and Size

Dog pools come in shapes and sizes that are suited for the comfort of your dog. Orient your dog pool with the size of your dog. Also, consider how many dogs will be using the dog pool. You don’t want to have a crowded dog pool. It is better to have a pool with a fun space.

Setup and Drainage

Get a dog pool that is easy to set up and keep. Dog pools that need to be inflated or opened up can be time-consuming. There are pools that only require filling with water, but are hard to store. Pick a dog pool that is easy to keep and is equipped with an accessible drain to release used water. 

Balance and Stability

Dogs can slip in pools due to the wet plastic and accidentally hurt themselves. They can be too playful and move too much in the pool. The bottom part of the pool should have a firm grip and be stable. A dog pool with balance and stability will stay in one place when the dogs start to play. 

Durability and Material

Some plastics can harm a dog’s health. Since dogs are playful in pools, they can ingest water mixed with the plastic material. Pick a pool that is PET plastic and BPA-free. Pools made of PVC are safe for your dogs.

The dog pool can break for many reasons, such as tough terrain, sharp rocks, and your dogs’ sharp nails. These can lead to problematic holes and leaks, which can destroy the pool. Pools with sturdy and durable plastic last longer because these materials can withstand wear and tear.

Cleaning and Storing

Dirt can build up in your dog pool when used often. Scrub, clean, and rinse the pool properly. Let it dry under the sun to stop the growth of mold and bacteria. Store the pool in a proper place after using it. 

It will be up to you which pool is the best for your dog. Keep in mind the factors that can help your dog have an enjoyable time while playing in the pool. Happy shopping!

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