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Who doesn’t want to see their dog in a panda costume? The DogGear team has searched high and low to find the perfect panda costumes to fit any dog and any budget. We want to help you ensure your dog is comfortable.  Continue reading to see what we found!

After countless hours of research, we’ve narrowed down our picks to three options. When you read this guide, not only will you save time and money, but your dog will be the most stylish pooch on the block. If you still aren’t sure which panda costume is right for you, take our short quiz at the end of the page, which should only take one minute or so. This will help us find the best panda costume for your dog, taking into consideration the time our team has spent researching these costumes, as well as the needs of your dog.

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Best Panda Costume for Dogs

Best Panda Costume for Dogs

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You don’t have to look very long or hard to find some of the cutest panda costumes for your dog. The challenge is finding one that suits your needs and will hold up through multiple washing machine cycles, if you wish to let your dog wear it on multiple occasions. Our hope is these recommendations will at least give you a starting point for things to look at and consider when you’re in the market for a panda costume for your pooch. If you want to narrow down your choices even more, consider taking our short quiz. It only takes about a minute of your time and the results will give you an accumulation of our research and experience, as well as your specific needs.

What Type Of Panda Costume Should You Get?

How to Choose the Best Panda Costume for Your Dog

Everyone has a different philosophy when it comes to choosing panda costumes for their dog. Every manufacturer presents something unique to consider as well. From the materials used to the durability, sizing, adjustability and more, knowing what you want is the first step in making the right decision. Of course, getting the right size is the most important consideration, since you want your dog to wear the costume comfortably. Once you have the right size selected, then you can determine the other features you need or want. Being patient and sorting through all of your options will most likely lead you to the right decision.
Aside from our extensive research and recommendations, the most valuable resources you can turn to are online customer reviews. These customers have already purchased the specific dog panda costume you’re interested in, and their feedback could prove to be extremely valuable. If the customer says it’s the cutest thing they’ve ever seen, but their dog won’t wear it because it’s so uncomfortable, then you may not want to purchase it. On the other hand, customers may confirm your good feeling that any given costume is one of the best available, so you can feel confident when making a purchase. Finding the right size is always going to be a challenge, but reading various reviews will usually indicate whether you need to order a size larger or smaller, or if it runs true to size.
It’s easy to spend hours upon hours researching the different features and reviews about various panda costumes. When it comes down to it, just think about how many times your dog will wear the costume. If it’s a one-time event, then you may not necessarily want to invest a lot of money in it. But if you plan on your dog wearing it for multiple occasions over the years, then it’s well worth the investment to get our expert choice that will grow with your dog and maintain its cute look. The reality is your dog is going to look absolutely adorable whether you select a bargain option or the top-of-the-line costume. Getting the best bang for your buck, while also ensuring your dog is comfortable, are the two main factors when selecting a dog panda costume. With a little research and using the resources available, you can feel confident in making a purchase that fits both of those needs.

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To find the best dog panda costume, select to begin by breed or by size

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