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Best Dog Mom Sweatshirt

Fashion is more than just shirts and pants; it’s a form of self-expression! What better way to express your love for your furbaby than with a dog mom-themed sweatshirt? The four items below may just become your new wardrobe staples. 

Denise remarked: “When I shop for new clothes, I think about comfort and what looks good to me and on me. I’d suggest paying attention to the sizing, fabric, and overall look of a sweatshirt as you browse.”

Best Dog Mom Sweatshirt

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How to Find The Best Dog Mom Sweatshirt For Your dog

Buying Guidelines: How to Choose The Best Dog Mom Sweatshirt

Isn’t it great when we wear something that shows people the kind of person we are? If you are a dog mom yourself, having some adorable dog-related prints apparel would be perfect!

Different dog mom clothing can be bought everywhere, and one of them is a dog mom sweatshirt. A sweatshirt might have been used before when it comes to training or sports only, but nowadays, it is one of the most trendy and stylish apparel that a dog mom like you should not miss! With a simple sweatshirt, it could give you a cozy, casual, and chic look you’ve been wanting.

Things to Consider When Looking for The Best Dog Mom Sweatshirt

Just like T-shirts, you can have thousands of options when buying dog mom sweatshirts. However, buying a T-shirt is different from buying a sweatshirt. With that said, how will you know that you’re purchasing the right one? Here are the things you need to consider for you to have that best dog mom sweatshirt:

  • Size

For starters, getting the right measurements of your body should be your main priority. Whether you are buying in an actual store or an online shop, it’s better to know your size first before anything else. Although you might have gotten your measurements for a T-shirt before, you might want to do it again because sweatshirts are cut differently from other apparel like shirts and dresses. You might want to check this guide to know how to take the right measurement.

  1. Using a tape measure, get your right measurement of your:
  2. One shoulder to another, 
  3. Bust or chest,
  4. Shoulder to the wrist, 
  5. The highest point of your shoulder going down to your desired hemline, and lastly;
  6. Sleeve cuff.

Once you’re done with it, you can now look where your measurements belong in the sizes (XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL, etc.) provided by the store.

  • Neck Style

Aside from different sizes, dog mom sweatshirts also come with several neck styles. You can choose from the crew or round neckline, V-neck, deep V-neck, turtle neck, scoop neck, deep scoop neck, and bateu or boat necklines. Choose whichever you prefer and the most comfortable one. 

  • Material

Once you’ve got your size and your preferred neck style, it’s time to choose what fabric material is ideal for you. Most of the dog mom sweatshirts are made of different types of wools, linen, polyester, cotton, and blends of cotton and polyester. 

Although there is a wide range of materials to choose from, we personally recommend a sweatshirt made of cotton. Aside from being cheap, it also has good quality. Cotton is perfect for any weather because it’s soft and breathable. Most importantly, it’s hypoallergenic. 

  • Quality

Recommending a product’s quality would only be possible if you experience it yourself. To get a high-quality dog mom sweatshirt, you should get the right material. Carefully check if the sweatshirt has any damage. If your chosen sweatshirt has prints, check if they are in good condition as well. 

Another thing to keep in mind is to find the sweatshirts that are approved by various dog parents. See the comments left by the past dog moms like you to know if you will get the quality you deserve. 

  • Durability

An ideal sweatshirt for a dog mom like you should be durable too. If you wish to have a sweatshirt that can last for years, opt for ones that are made of cotton or blends of cotton and polyester. 

Checking the seams and stitches of the sweatshirt to see if they are heavy-duty stitched should also be your priority. They should be in good shape; if not, then they might be ruined after a few uses and washes.

  • Washability

Aside from a long-lasting dog mom sweatshirt, you should always choose ones that can be cleaned easily. Regardless of the material, a machine-washable sweatshirt would definitely be an ideal one. 

  • Design

Dog mom sweatshirts come in lots of designs, aside from what you could think of. Although this article is for sweatshirts with “Dog Mom” prints, you can still choose from many dog-related designs or prints. It could be a cute or funny one. You can even have a customized design in some shops!

  • Price 

When buying a dog mom sweatshirt, spending extra money is not really bad, most especially if you believe that what you have been eyeing is the best one. After all, you are spending it for yourself, and you definitely deserve that! Just keep in mind that the quality of what you are paying for is the most important.

Hopefully, we were able to help you in looking for the right dog mom sweatshirts. Whether you’re buying one for yourself or for a dog mom friend, surely a comfy sweatshirt that would show how proud one is as a dog parent would be the best gift ever!

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