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Best Dog Mom Gifts For Women

For many people, dogs feel like a true part of the family, rather than a simple household pet. Always ready to greet us with their wagging tails and happy faces, dogs can bring such a lot of joy into our lives, and we all know a few dog moms and dads who never stop talking about their furry friends and absolutely love spending as much time as possible with them. These people even like getting dog-related gifts and accessories, and if you have a dog lover in your life, here are some of the best dog mom gifts for women you can buy.

Best Dog Mom Gifts For Women

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How to Find The Best Dog Mom Gifts For Women For Your dog

Best Gifts for Best Dog Moms: Dog Mom Gifts Buying Guidelines

Being a dog mom isn’t all about fun and games. It also includes sleepless and wearying nights whenever their fur baby is sick. Knowing that you appreciate their deeds as a dog mom, it’s a great idea to make them feel more special. Mother knows best, and they deserve the best as well. Whether there is a special occasion incoming or you just felt like giving one, it’s about time that you give her the best dog-themed gifts that they deserve to have! 

Best Dog Mom Gifts Ideas

There are lots of unique gifts that you can give to the best dog mom in your life. With a wide range of options to choose from, we’ve listed the best and ideal ones:

  • Dog Mom Apparel

Who wouldn’t want clothes with “Dog Mom” prints? Dog Mom apparel includes shirts, sweatshirts, hoodies, pajamas, and many more! Their design also doesn’t end with Dog Mom prints only, there are lots of dog-related prints that you could choose. You can also consider matching outfits–one for her pup, and one for herself. 

  • Dog Mom Coffee Mug

There’s nothing better than a cup of coffee in the morning using a mug with dog-related prints. This one’s ideal for dog mommies that are also coffee lovers. You can also look for the dog mom mug and dog bowl set that would make their breakfast a whole lot better!

  • Dog Mom Tote

Any dog moms would love to have something that would show everyone how proud they are as a dog mom. Dog Mom Totes are perfect for moms so they can carry their belongings whenever they’re out for the day—from her stuff to her dog’s accessories!

  • Matching Dog Mom and Dog Accessories

Every dog mom would love to have dog-related accessories. What more if it matches her pup’s collar? It could be a necklace’s pendant, a bracelet, or an anklet that perfectly matches Fido’s collar or dog tag.

  • Customized Portrait

Although some dog moms already have a folder of cute photos with her pooch on her phone, it would be great to see some portraits of them hanging around her house. You can look for digital artists where you can just send the photo you want to customize and then they can send the digital portrait once they’re done. Knowing that we still have a pandemic, this is the safest and an ideal alternative for gift giving that includes no human contact.

  • Dog Scrapbook

Considering all the photos taken from the day she first became a dog mom, it’s time to print them out and put them in one place. A dog scrapbook is definitely an ideal place for that. With the help of the dog mom’s creativity, that scrapbook would undoubtedly be her most prized possession ever. 

Things to Consider When Buying Dog Mom Gifts

Although buying gifts may seem pretty easy, you still have factors that you need to keep in mind. Here are the things you need to consider for you to have that perfect gift for the perfect dog mom:

  • Quality

One thing you always need to remember is to get a high-quality gift. Regardless of the gift that you have in mind, it should be in good condition before you purchase it. Checking the reviews and comments of the previous shoppers regarding the product would be helpful.

  • Durability

An ideal gift should be durable enough to last for a long time. Gifts for dog moms made of fabric like apparel and totes should have their stitches and seams checked thoroughly. Accessories shouldn’t have their locks and chains broken. Glass material gifts like mugs should have a smooth finish and no cracks.

  • Personalized

Although there are already plenty of dog mom gifts that you can buy as is, you can still opt for personalized ones. Personalized gifts could give them a personal connection that could make them feel more special.

  • Size

This is a no brainer. If you’re giving her something that needs to be worn, it needs to match her size first. Consider getting her right body measurements and also Fido’s if it’s needed. When it comes to accessories and collar it should have the right length as well.

  • Materials

Getting the right material is important. When it comes to apparel, opt for clothing made of cotton. They are hypoallergenic, so it’s ideal for the dog mom and her furry baby as well. It’s also durable and comfortable. Stainless steel is ideal for accessories because it’s affordable, durable, and has good quality. 

As people say, “It’s the thought that counts.” It’s better to give them something that you think has a special connection to them so they can appreciate it more. Consider buying your favorite dog moms the gifts they deserve!

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