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Best Dog Gate with Cat Door

Dogs are one of the most good natured pets that you can have. From being playfully curious to giving hugs and cuddles, these loveable beings are hard to keep up with at times. As a concerned dog parent, there might be times when you want to keep your furry little baby away from potential hazards and harm. Dog gates are the perfect solution for this! If you also own a cat, it’s best to invest in a dog gate with a cat door so the two furry beings can be confined together and keep each other company. We have selected the best dog gates with cat doors to help you choose the best one.

Best Dog Gate with Cat Door

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How to Find The Best Dog Gate with Cat Door For Your dog

How to Choose a Dog Gate with Cat Door

Do you have both a dog and a cat? If so, you may think that you have to buy two separate gates for them. We’re happy to tell you that this shouldn’t be the case! These days, you can find a dog gate with a cat door! How cool is that?

Because of the increasing need for it, you will be faced with lots of options which will surely overwhelm you. To help you out, we have enumerated some critical factors you need to keep in mind.


You need to check out the dimensions of both the large and small gates. This is important to make sure that the gate will fit the space where you plan to install it. Additionally, you should also keep this in mind to ensure that your pets will fit the opening.


The material used will determine the durability of the gate. If you have the budget to spare, go for one that is made of steel. 


As much as possible, opt for gates with non-toxic finishes for your pet’s safety.

Ease of Installation

Taking care of both a cat and a dog is already hard work. Because of this, you need to choose a pet gate that is easy to install, so it will no longer add to your problems. If possible, go for a gate with a pressure mount design since this is the easiest to control.


If you can’t find a wide enough gate for the place where you wish to put it, your next best option is to go for one that comes with an extension kit so you can expand its width.


To ensure that your pets will not be able to escape from the cage, choose a cage with multiple lock features. 

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