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Best Dog Food Storage Containers

To keep your fur baby healthy, not only do you need to take special care with their nutrition, but you also need to ensure their food is stored properly. You want to keep all the good stuff in and all the bad stuff out. To achieve this goal, you need a handy food storage container. These containers keep food at their best and also keep your pets out. You should take the time to find out how these containers can make you and your baby’s life so much easier. 

Celebrity pet trainer, Jarett Gilpin, said, “Improperly stored food can create digestion problems since not only can the food lose freshness, but humidity, moisture, and pathogens can sneak their way in, which can make your fur baby sick.”

Best Dog Food Storage Containers

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How to Find The Best Dog Food Storage Containers For Your dog


Keeping dogs healthy is a priority of every dog owner because a healthy and well-cared for dog is a happy one. A great way to keep your dogs in good shape is to feed them clean and fresh food. Dry dog foods such as kibbles are what owners usually buy since it can last longer and still be served fresh when stored properly. This is why it is important to consider buying good quality storage containers and it is important to know the things you should consider when choosing a dog food storage container so your dogs can stay healthy and happy.


  •       Plastic

Plastic containers can be durable and lightweight which makes them easily movable. On the other hand, plastic containers may contain BPA or bisphenol A. BPA can be harmful to your dogs when it seeps into the food which is why when buying plastic containers, make sure it has a label that says it is a BPA-free product. Dog foods contain oil and this could stick to a plastic surface which could cause contamination to a new batch of dog food placed on the same container. It is ideal to always clean plastic containers before adding a new batch of dog food to remove the fats and oils sticking to the plastic surface. Another way to avoid this is to avoid removing the dog food from the packaging and just place the food inside the plastic container once it is opened.

  •       Stainless Steel

Stainless steel material can also be durable and can add a stylish look due to its sleekness. Pests such as rats would have a hard time penetrating this kind of material so you do not have to worry about pests as long as the lids are tightly closed. Stainless steel containers may also contain BPA so before buying one make sure that it is also BPA-free. Unlike the plastic container, steel containers can easily be cleaned since the fat and oil residues from the dog food do not stubbornly stick on stainless steel surfaces.

  •       Glass

Glass materials are tough and long-lasting, but could still shatter with enough force which is why it is best to keep glass containers away from your dogs’ reach. Like stainless steel, pests will also have a hard time penetrating a glass material. Glass is also easier to clean up compared to the other materials. Unlike plastic and metallic containers, glass containers do not have any BPA so you do not have to worry about chemicals seeping into your dog’s food.


What to Look For

  •       Durability

A durable container is necessary since pests can enter the storage if it can easily be opened. Pests, harmful microorganisms, and other physical hazards can contaminate the food and could result in faster spoilage. If the storage container is also placed near or on the floor where your dog can easily reach it, they might try to pry it open which could also result in contamination and a huge mess for you to clean up. A durable container such as plastic, metal, or glass can help in keeping away pests from the dog food.

  •       Airtight

Keeping dog foods in containers is not enough to keep it from going stale quickly. We also recommend that you always keep it covered and kept in an airtight container because dog foods contain preservatives that would react to oxygen once it is exposed. Dog foods will start oxidizing if it is kept in the open and this would lead to the rapid deterioration of quality. It is best to choose an airtight dog food container since it would significantly slow down the oxidation process by keeping it away from oxygen as much as possible.

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