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Dogs are known to become stinky in-between washes as they spend time outdoors and play in the mud. Dog deodorizers are useful for removing odors and helping them smell fresh and clean while spending time with their owners and in the home. If you’re looking for the right dog deodorizer to use on your four-legged friend, there are a few products to consider trying to ensure they can smell their best and are pleasant to cuddle with each day.

Dr. Jarett Gilpin says, “Dog deodorizers are great to use on dogs that hate to get washed but still get dirty throughout the week. It’s easy to apply in seconds and doesn’t require getting your dog wet or drying them off.” 

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How to Find The Best Dog Deorderizer For Your dog

Buying Guide: How to Choose the Best Dog Deodorizer

We always love to hug our dogs. It gives us comfort, and it reminds our pooches that they are part of our family. However, there will come a time that our dogs will have an awful smell. Aside from providing the best grooming they deserve, dogs will still have their own distinct smell or odor no matter how many times we bathe them.

Our dogs can stink all day, and that may not be as pleasant as we like. So, using a dog deodorizer as part of their daily grooming routine is the best solution to neutralize (if not totally eliminate) Fido’s scent.

What is a Dog Deodorizer?

A dog deodorizer is used to eliminate and neutralize the bad odor of your pooches. Generally, these deodorizers remove the bacteria that cause our dogs to have an awful smell. There are several reasons why you might find your dog stinky today. It might be due to skin issues, bad breath, ear infection, or simply, you can find a dog’s natural smell bothering. 

Why Should You Consider Buying a Dog Deodorizer?

Body odor is common among us, even with our dogs. In nature, dogs have offending scents, which could be an issue for some dog owners. A dog deodorizer can remove the unpleasant smell our Fido has. Plus, since dogs love to play around our home, a deodorizer can prevent that smell from lingering all over your home’s carpet or furniture.

Key Features to Consider When Buying a Dog Deodorizer

If you want to choose a dog deodorizer for your Fido, make sure that it is a high-quality product. When shopping for the best deodorizer, check the following features to find a safe and effective one:

  • Ingredients

The top priority when buying a dog deodorizer is the ingredients used in manufacturing it. You have to look for a deodorizer which is made of natural ingredients. Hence, always look for one that is scented with natural oils.

Watch out for the ingredient list in the product you will buy. You have to avoid common substances like alcohol, dyes, parabens, and sulfates. 

  • Safety

After knowing what ingredients you have to avoid, there are some dog deodorizers that can still be unsafe for your dogs. How can you prevent it? Your pooch can have sensitive and dry skin, so pick carefully. Prevent yourself from buying a chemical-based deodorizer since it can be harmful to the skin.

Always choose a water-based one. Also, remind yourself not to buy a product that is made of synthetic ingredients because they can harm Fido’s skin and fur.

  • Scent

Most of the dog deodorizers have a scent, while some are perfume-free. It is always important to consider the level of scent that a dog deodorizer has. 

Choose a deodorizer that does not have a strong scent because if it’s strong for your nose, then it will be bad for your dogs as well. Look for a dog deodorizer that has a pleasant and relaxing smell. Take into account that dogs are heavy sniffers. You surely don’t want to overwhelm your dog and make him feel uncomfortable wearing a strong scent. 

  • Long-Lasting

Remember, a great dog deodorizer has a scent that would last on your dogs for days. A dog deodorizer that is long-lasting will surely remove the bad odor of your pooches and give them a nice, pleasing smell.

Also, it will be more budget-friendly and efficient if the deodorizer lasts for days. With this, you no longer need to apply this deodorizer to your dogs from time to time.

  • Application

Grooming your pooches should not give you a hard time. So, a dog deodorizer you should buy is easy to apply. The best dog deodorizers available in the market come in spray bottles or wipes. 

Both are handy, easy-to-use, and portable. You can just pick whatever suits your lifestyle best.

  • Quantity

You may also consider the amount of dog deodorizer before buying one. For sure, you wouldn’t want to purchase a deodorizer online or visit physical stores frequently. To benefit yourself from doing that, buy a deodorizer that has a sufficient amount ideal for several weeks or even months of usage.

However, if you want to test a product first, you can buy in small amounts first.

  • Skin Benefits

The best dog deodorizer can also moisturize your pooches. It is a great benefit to your furry friend’s skin and fur. 

If Fido’s skin is healthy and moisturized, you know that he’s in a better mood. Naturally, some dogs can have dry skin because of the weather, and it can become worse. Having a moisturizing deodorizer is a great choice!

We should not settle for less when it comes to Fido’s hygiene. Rather than bathing our furry friend almost every day, we can remove their foul smell with the best dog deodorizer. Aside from all the pleasing features that a product has, ensure that it’s safe for dogs too. Other than that, just take note of our buying guide and get your pup smell good to the fullest! 

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