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Best Dog Dental Chews for Small Breeds

Taking care of a dog is a lot like parenting a child, and making sure you meet all their needs is essential. While it’s not feasible to teach a dog to brush their teeth, there is a solution. Dog dental chews for small breed dogs can help freshen breath and clean your dog’s teeth. Here are the top dog dental chews for small breed dogs for you to check out.

Best Dog Dental Chews for Small Breeds

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How to Find The Best Dog Dental Chews for Small Breeds For Your dog

How to Choose Dog Dental Chews for Small Breeds 

Dog dental chews are always an exceptional alternative to toothbrushes for dogs who get anxious the moment you try to clean their teeth. Dental chews can be edible or not, but both types share the same purpose.

Edible dog dental chews often taste good and dogs always see them as treats. Non-edible dog dental chews include toys that satisfy dogs’ urge to chew.

Dogs, regardless of whether they are big or small, always love dog dental chews. For smaller dogs, be very careful determining the best qualities to consider to make a well-informed purchasing decision.

Important Features to Consider

Our dog experts have gathered the following important things that each pet parent should consider: 

Cleaning Power: Some (or most) dog dental chews have the power to clean your canine’s teeth, but not all of them share the same level of power. Some are less effective, while others really do the cleaning job well.

Flavor: Dogs can be very taste selective. If your dog does not like the flavor of his dog dental chew, then never expect him to touch it. It will not be able to serve its purpose. Observe your dog and see which flavors he prefers.

Durability: Make sure the dog dental chews can withstand the aggressive chewing of your small dog. This is applicable to non-edible dog dental chews. 

Size: Small dogs deserve small dog dental chews. Always choose the right size. Otherwise, you will be risking your dog’s safety. Giving your dog dental chews that are too large increases the chance of your dog choking. 

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