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Best Dog Cooling Mat Extra Large

Summer is nearly here and with its impending arrival, you’re probably wondering how to best keep cool. And there’s no doubt your dog wants to know the same thing! A cooling mat offers your dog a cool place to lounge and beat the heat.

Julia Yoo, a dog expert, remarked: “First things first, a cooling mat should actually be cool to the touch. Don’t be afraid to feel it yourself to make sure it’s cool enough to keep your dog comfortable. I also recommend looking for something that doesn’t need batteries or an outlet, so you can keep it anywhere your dog likes.”

Best Dog Cooling Mat Extra Large

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How to Find The Best Dog Cooling Mat Extra Large For Your dog

Beat the Heat with Extra Large Dog Cooling Mats

The overbearing heat is extremely hard to deal with. It can be so irritating and may even cause a number of health hazards. That is why we do whatever we can just to find relief一a glass of cold beverage, an hour or so under the cold splash of water in the shower, or simply setting the air conditioner at its lowest temperature.

It’s a little different when we have dogs at home, considering that they cannot do these things to beat the heat. What more if they are of a large breed with thick fur? We certainly have to do something as their fur parents. Thankfully, an extra-large dog cooling mat is there to help.

Benefits of Using An Extra-Large Dog Cooling Mat

Our furry friends are unable to sweat, so they try to release the warmth from their bodies through panting. A dog cooling mat is not only good for providing relief from the summer heat, but for some other things as well.

  • Prevents Hygroma

Hygroma is a fluid buildup that appears in the bony parts or pressure points of a dog, which occurs when they often lay down on hard surfaces. This is usually seen on large breeds and older dogs.

A dog cooling mat in an extra-large size will help your pooch lay comfortably instead of seeking for cold, hard surfaces to cool down their body. It can also aid in keeping their joints and elbows off the ground.

  • Great for Senior Dogs

It is definitely perfect for older dogs since the softness and coolness of the cooling mats will help relieve their joint and muscle pains, even the aches from the other parts of their bodies.

How to Choose the Best Dog Cooling Mat

In order to choose the best extra-large dog cooling mat for our precious furry friends, we prepared a helpful and important buying guide for you to go through before purchasing one.

  • Size

Dog cooling mats in extra-large sizes are definitely perfect for large breeds of dogs, which can also work for medium breeds, so they can have more space to move around. This size will ensure that the coolness of the mat reaches all parts of your beloved Fido. 

  • Thermal Efficiency

What is a cooling mat without its ability to provide proper relief and coolness? The best dog cooling mat should be able to preserve its coolness for around four to five hours at most一 gel-filled types are the most ideal for this.

  • Durability

You would want something that is scratch-resistant or made from durable materials that can withstand your pooch’s clawing and chewing since those things can’t be stopped quickly. It’s not really good if the gel or water inside the cooling mat will spill and make a wet and slimy mess.

  • Portability

Storage is important too, as this cooling mat is not for one-time use only. Aside from using it to help your fur baby during the hot temperature of summer days, it can also be used all year round.

It should be easy to fold and carry too if you bring your dog with you wherever you go traveling, so they still have a comfortable and familiar spot to lay on.

  • Maintenance

It should not be a hassle to clean up dog cooling mats, especially the extra-large ones. Thankfully, most of these products today are made from waterproof materials that can be wiped easily for cleaning. Those with the covers made from fabric can be machine-washable, but remember not to add harsh chemicals because they might ruin the material.

  • Price 

High-quality products come with expensive tags, but those that are mentioned above are the key features of a great dog cooling mat in extra-large size. Some may be in close price range but always check for the features if they can meet your standards, and of course, the necessities of your precious pooch.

Dog Cooling Mat Alternative

Did you just order a dog cooling mat, and it’s taking forever to arrive? In the meantime, you can always try this do-it-yourself version of a dog cooling mat at home.

  1. Using at least three diapers, take the insides of these disposable diapers and cut them into small pieces.
  2. Put the pieces in a basin.
  3. Pour water into the basin and until the contents are completely soaked.
  4. After they have turned into jelly, put the gels inside a large ziplock bag.
  5. Flatten the bag and cover it with your fur baby’s favorite blanket, or any blanket large enough for them to fit. 

Note that it may be an option to put the bags in the fridge first for extra coolness, but the stark difference of the temperature of the cold bags and your dog’s body will shock them. Additionally, absorbent gels already have activated coolness into them, so placing it inside the fridge is unnecessary.

Dogs are naturally playful and active especially the large breeds. They like to run around and goof with us, which can cause them to be a little worked up and feel more warmth. In order to help them instantly, a dog cooling mat will definitely do the job, and as the good fur parent that we are, we only want what’s best for them so it’s best if we have it readily available.

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