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If you’re going to take your dog for a ride in the car, you might need a dog car seat. This helps to strap in your dog safely and ensure that both of you get to your destination in one piece. Dogs generally tend to get excited in cars, so you don’t want the distraction or any unlucky accidents ruining your car! There are several considerations you should go through before deciding on one dog car seat. This includes the material, which can determine the comfort level for your dog. There are also some dog car seats that even convert to carriers!

Below, we’ve broken down some of the best car seats for your dogs, with special consideration to their size:

While we recommend seat covers rather than car seats for large dogs, our top choices for small and medium dog car seats are below. Read on to find out about some of our favorite options!

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*There are also car seat options for medium-sized pooches. Read on for reviews of our top choices!

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DogGear Philosophy

When you’re looking for the right dog car seat, make sure to consider the safety features, the ease of use, and the proper size that would fit your dog. A small dog, for instance, might do with a booster seat that would allow them a glimpse of the outside world. Medium-sized dogs need to be comfortable and stable in a car. For large dogs, however, we don’t recommend a car seat. Car seat covers are a much better option here due to the difficulty of strapping large canines down.

Whichever car seat you end up choosing, your dog will definitely be more secure and comfortable! Start measuring them up and see which option will work best based on their needs, or try our quiz to get a personalized recommendation.

How to Find The Best Car Seats For Your dog


Going out with your pet buddy can be a lot of fun. If you like traveling on weekends or during your spare time with your dog then you know they can get too excited. They tend to get unruly and their attention can get caught by anything that flies past the car window. Sometimes you worry about them jumping out while your car is moving or they might get off-balance so you try to keep them in place while driving. However, this can be dangerous for you, your dog, and your passengers. 

You can keep yourself and your beloved companion safe with the help of a car seat specifically designed for dogs. Not only does a car seat for dogs keep you safe it also protects your car’s upholstery from scratches. Dog car seats can help you in protecting your dog without taking the fun out of its car ride experience. This is because car seats for dogs are made not only to keep them safe and make them feel secure, but it can also reduce the motion sickness that your pet might experience during travel. We are here to impart information that can help you in deciding which car seat for dogs is suitable for your best bud.


  •       Bucket-Style Dog Seat

Bucket-style is a common dog seat in the market. This dog seat has a bucket shape where you can put your dog to keep it secure. The dog seat can then be tethered to the car seat. This bucket-style seat can provide elevation so your companion can enjoy and watch the surroundings as you travel while keeping your dog secure and not wandering inside the car. Bucket-style dog seats are also best used by small to medium size dogs.

  •       Bed-Style Dog Seat

Bed-style dog seat is bigger and longer than the bucket-style to accommodate bigger types of dogs. This can also fit one or more dogs so it’s a good choice for fur-parents with lots of pet dogs. This product is best used on long trips since your dog can have a wider space to sit, stretch, and even lay down while traveling.


  •       Ease of Use

Some dog owners may opt to buy dog seats but not use them since it is a hassle in preparing and putting them in place. Choosing a dog seat that can easily be installed and uninstalled should be considered to get your money’s worth.

  •       Size

Choosing the appropriate size should also be considered to ensure the safety of your companion. Small dogs on large dog seats are not safe since they could easily slip off or climb off the seats and then roam around the car. Meanwhile, large dogs on smaller seats can make your dogs uncomfortable since they are too restricted to move around, therefore choosing the right fit for your dog’s size is best to keep them safe and comfortable while inside your car.

  •       Materials

The materials can also affect the comfort of your dog while traveling. The materials used should be durable enough to withstand the playful scratching and biting of your dog. Fabrics for covers should also be carefully chosen since some fabric can irritate the skin of your dogs and may cause discomfort. It is best to opt for hypoallergenic materials to give your companions a cozy ride.

  •       Cleaning

You may also want to consider buying dog seats that are easy to maintain so you won’t have too much of a hassle in cleaning when your dog has accidents inside the car. Some dog seats have removable paddings so you can easily remove it and clean it without having to remove or clean the entire dog seat.

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