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A dog’s bad breath is a naturally occurring problem that can be resolved if you know what to do. Your battle is with the bacteria in your pet’s mouth that is growing unchecked. Stopping or controlling it is possible with the correct dog breath freshener (and regular tooth brushing).

The following product reviews are here to help give you the information you need about dog breath fresheners so you can make an informed decision on what is the right application for your dog. Keep reading to learn more about the DogGear team’s favorite dog breath fresheners!

Best Dog Breath Freshener

While annual dentals are the top recommendation of veterinarians to assist in dental health and controlling bad breath, there are other steps you can take in between. Tartar and plaque are substances that build up on the teeth providing a hiding spot for bacteria. That is why it is important to work to keep teeth as clean as possible. Just as with human dental health, if we do not brush our teeth daily, you can expect tartar and plaque to build up with the result of poor dental health and bad breath. In our companions, it is the same thing. Many pet owners find it is impossible to brush their companion’s teeth due to lack of cooperation or simply lack of time. When this is the case, as a veterinarian, I recommend annual dental cleanings and to use products such as the breath fresheners that help to fight plaque and tartar build up. Use this tool to find the best product for your companion’s dental health.

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Good health and proper care is only possible when the dog owner is active and responsive to the needs of their canine friend. This includes the use of breath freshener, the right dog food and correct collar and bedding to help them live a happy and healthy life. The following quiz is designed to help you answers any question on dog care you might have.

What Type Of Dog Breath Freshener Should You Get?

Still needing help with finding the best Dog Breath Freshener for your pet? There are many different factors to consider, from breed, size, age, and physical condition. You will also have to consider your dog’s feeding and health history, as well.

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To find the best dog breath freshener, select to begin by breed or by size

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