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Best Dog Bones Rawhide Free

Just like humans, dogs love snacks. However, the most common and widely available option for doggy snacks seems to be rawhide bones, which are notorious for causing digestive issues. The alternatives listed below offer a healthier treat for hungry pooches.

 Dr. Cheryl Hart remarked: “Always look at the ingredients when you’re shopping for dog treats. Look at the labels and nutritional information. The best dog bones should be rawhide-free and made from plain, natural ingredients.”

Best Dog Bones Rawhide Free

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How to Find The Best Dog Bones Rawhide Free For Your dog

Chew Time, Fun Time: Buying Guidelines for Rawhide-Free Dog Bones

Dogs have the natural instinct to chew and play with everything using their teeth. It can be somehow challenging as a fur parent, especially if you’re dealing with lots of play biting and dented furniture. So, why not try rawhide-free dog bones that they can chew on? All you have to do is to know what they are, and how you can buy one for Fido’s relentless chew-fest.

What is a Rawhide Dog Bone?

Rawhide dog bone products are made from the inner layer of a horse or cow’s hide. They are processed in numerous chemicals to remove the remaining flesh and hair. After that, they can be used as a whole or are pressed into bits for better attraction to dogs. 

Despite this, rawhides were said to be dangerous because of the chemicals added into them that may pose harm to their health. So, they are discouraged from being given to your pooch. Instead, opt for rawhide-free dog bones.

Important Facts to Know About Rawhide-Free Dog Bones 

Aside from being toys and playthings, there are also some other good things to note about rawhide-free dog bones that you may want to look through.


  • Helps Reduce Boredom and Behavioral Problems

Rawhide-free dog bones can help your pet dog reduce boredom as they spend their leisure time chewing on them. You can see such developments in their behaviors because of these products. Also, it will make them busy so less stress will occur. 


  • Prevents Destructive Behavior

Your pet dog can now transfer their focus on chewing the right treats for them. Instead of chewing carpets, pillows, or shoes, they will be fond of these dog bones. 


  • Healthier Teeth, Gums, and Oral Cavity

There are dog bones that are made like bristles for dog’s healthier teeth. This will help keep their oral cavity healthy and always clean since these dog bones can be alternatives for teeth-cleaning agents.

Types of Rawhide-Free Dog Bones

These are the various chew treats that Fido can enjoy without rawhide’s hidden health risks.

  • Trachea Chew

This one is made from a cow’s trachea. It is nutritious and will make your pet healthier. Some of its famous nutrient components are glucosamine and chondroitin, which are needed to treat arthritis in humans and animals, so rest assured that this will make their joints healthy.


  • Tail Bones

You might want to try tail bones as they’re one of the popular chew options. They are rich in proteins because they make use of beef tails and lamb as sources. 

  • Bully Sticks

These rawhide-free dog chews are easy to digest. Bully sticks are made from dried bull pizzles, and most dogs perfectly like them, especially for the taste. Note that they are high in caloric content, so you have to limit the amount that you will give to your pooch.


  • Frozen Marrow Bones

These are made from the femur or hip bones found in animals and are one of the most common dog bones. They’re recommended since marrow bones are readily available at the nearest butcher shops or supermarkets. You might consider this type because of its nutritional components, but it is also relevant to know that it has a high-fat concentration that might cause stomach irritation with excessive consumption.


  • Antlers

Antlers are naturally taken from deers and elks, and because of their extreme toughness, they can be used as alternatives for rawhide.

Things to Consider in Buying Rawhide-Free Dog Bones 

Knowing the different rawhide-free dog bone alternatives is one thing, but being aware of what we should or should not be cautious of when we purchase them for our pooch is another.


  • Dog’s Size

One of the most significant things to consider is the size of your furry friend. If you have a bigger dog, you should give them bigger rawhide-free dog bones to avoid choking and other internal issues. 

Despite bigger rawhide-free dog bones not being a choking hazard to smaller breeds, it is still recommended to buy one that complements their size to avoid any other health complications or unwanted accidents.

  • Dog’s Age

It is also important to know how your furry companion can handle taking the product based on their age. Some rawhide-free dog bones are effective for a specific age because of their teething stage.

  • Flavor

The flavor of the treat enhances its overall appeal. Pay close attention to the ingredients or how the bone was processed since artificial flavors are not really recommended一choose those that are completely natural.

  • Durability

The type of bone should be durable enough to resist pressure. A good rawhide-free dog bone should be long-lasting and does not break easily. After all, it is designed to be chewed, so it should at least be strong enough to withstand your fur baby’s strong jaw.

Among the numerous varieties of rawhide-free dog bones for your pooch, it’s probably a little overwhelming to go through all of them; but with the help of this guide, good fur parents will be able to choose what’s best for their beloved dog. It can make their teething stage, chewing time, and the playful environment more enjoyable. Always remember to be cautious enough to know if they are good or far from it.

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