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Best Dog Blankets For Small Dogs

If your fur baby loves to cuddle and you’re not available, treat them with a soft, luxurious dog blanket. Not only do these blankets provide warmth, but also comfort, especially when they’re sleepy, tired, or cranky. When you have a small dog, they need a blanket suitable for their frame so here are the top dog blankets for small dogs.


Lifetime dog lover Denise said, “I look for blankets made of the softest material so my fur baby feels like she’s wrapped in a warm embrace. I love to look for bright, colorful designs that look great on my baby.”

Best Dog Blankets For Small Dogs

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How to Find The Best Dog Blankets For Small Dogs

Best Dog Blankets: Your Buying Guide

For us pet owners, we usually see our dogs as our own babies. Things like feeding, playing with them, taking them to the vet, and even buying them clothes—we all have our own way of taking care of our furry babies. With that in mind, we totally have something that your dog might need so he could feel more loved by you as his parent! 

Just like us, our dogs also love sleeping, what more if he’s in a comfortable bed with the perfect blanket? You’d probably have some peace of mind after saying good night to him, knowing that he wouldn’t be shivering in the middle of a cold night. 

Does My Dog Really Need a Dog Blanket? 

Some of you might be wondering if dog blankets are really needed by your pooch when you can just give him the old blanket you’ve been keeping anyway. Don’t worry. As a pet owner, we totally understand what you’re feeling! In fact, even veterinarians suggest pet owners to provide dog blankets, and here are some of the reasons why: 

  • Small breed dogs with short hair like Chihuahuas, greyhounds, and pit bulls can have a harder time with lower temperatures. Actually, every small dog, no matter how thick their coats are, might be difficult for them to keep themselves warm, so consider providing extra warmth.
  • Have you heard the term “security blanket?” For some dogs, blankets aren’t just for keeping them warm on a cold night. Nervous and anxious dogs also tend to feel secure when they curl up under a cozy blanket. 
  • Do you usually let your dog ride in your car? We’re sure you’ve been uneasy because he might damage your car’s seat. Worry less! Once you put a durable blanket, you can probably prevent that from happening. 
  • Dog blankets can also be a good substitute if you don’t have the budget for a good bed for your dog crate. This would prevent your pooch from any discomfort inside his crate. 
  • Aside from being an alternative, dog blankets can also lengthen the life of your dog’s bed. If your dog bed doesn’t have a durable cover, a good blanket can definitely help you.

How to Choose the Best Dog Blanket for My Small Dog?

Looking for dog blankets specifically for small dogs doesn’t only mean that it has to have a cute pattern and print. Here’s what you need to look for to have an ideal blanket for your small pup.

  • Size

First thing first, the size of your dog. We suggest that you measure your small dog, and then look for a blanket that has the right size—not too small and not too large. However, there are still some small dogs that might enjoy a larger blanket where they can snuggle up. Some manufacturers also provide one-size-fits-all blankets, just make sure that it can cover your pup’s whole body. 

  • Fabric Material

There are lots of fabrics you could choose from. Cotton, polyester, wool, fleece, flannel, are just some of them. For this, consider what climate you have. If you live in a warmer place, opt for a thinner fabric type of blanket. Contrarily, consider buying a thicker fabric if you are in a cold climate. Still, the nicest one would be cotton, as it is hypoallergenic, and you won’t have to worry about skin irritations. 

  • Durability 

It’s inevitable for dogs to stop themselves from chewing and gnawing. To ensure the blanket’s durability, check the seams and stitching. You should always opt for heavy-duty stitching, although it isn’t really resistant to your dog’s teeth, it would prevent you from replacing it after one use. 

  • Waterproofing

Although this might come a bit pricey, you might want to consider buying a waterproof one. This can surely prevent his bed, your floor, or other furniture from his pee. 

  • Washability

Before purchasing one, check its washing instructions. Your pup’s blanket will surely be dirty and smelly over time, so it would be better to lessen the hassle by putting them inside the washing machine. Look for dog blankets that can be machine washed. Also, it would also be ideal to look for blankets that are dryer-safe. 

  • Price

Not all pricey products mean they are of good quality. Sometimes even the cheaper ones might be the best option. Aside from getting the best blanket for your pooch, you were also able to save money! Relying on the price would not guarantee you the quality you’ve been looking for. Rely on the information we gave you to ensure you get the best ones!

Buying dog blankets is an easy thing to do, and we hope you consider providing extra warmth for your pup. Although buying a new blanket seems unnecessary, blankets that are designed specifically for dogs will do good not only for him but for you as well. You might want to go to the nearest pet supply store or browse for some online. Here’s to warmer bedtime for your furry baby!

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