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Best Dog Blankets For Medium Dogs

A high-quality dog blanket is the perfect way to keep your dog warm, while providing them with a comfortable, cozy environment. Your dog will appreciate a nice blanket when you lay it in the dog bed for extra softness or when they feel like cuddling. The following blankets are some of the softest, most comfortable dog blankets for medium dogs.

Dog handler Jarett Gilpin said, “I look carefully at blankets to see what material they are made out of to ensure my dog isn’t allergic or sensitive for the ultimate comfort experience.”

Best Dog Blankets For Medium Dogs

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How to Find The Best Dog Blankets For Medium Dogs For Your dog


Dogs can sleep anywhere, but blankets will surely give them the relaxation they deserve. Dog blankets can vary in size, shape, and texture made for different purposes. Today, blankets have new features that can help owners and pets in the house, and even in cars. They can give heat and comfort to pets when resting or sleeping, but it can also be used to protect furniture and the floor from dog scratches, hair, moisture, and dog waste.

Some blankets could be expensive because of their unique features, and some could be cheap normal ones. Either way, owners can be assured to find the best dog blanket to cater to their wants and their pet’s needs. Two main points to remember when choosing dog blankets are the pet’s body size and the purpose of buying.


  •       Size

No one would want a blanket too small and a blanket too big would be inconvenient. There are different sizes of blankets and usually the standard small, medium, large still vary per brand. Knowing our pet’s measurements would be vital to select the right size for them. Dog blankets should be large enough to cover or enfold the majority of the user’s body.

  •     Fabric Material

Blankets are made of different various materials depending on the main use. Most dog blankets are made of polyester, Sherpa, fleece, flannel, etc. Each material varies in the level of softness and weight. Dogs usually need thicker blankets in colder climates and thinner blankets in hotter climates. Another point to remember is that breed and fur can contribute to the heat especially for dogs with thicker fur.

Additional property to consider is the waterproof ability in some blankets. These are for owners who would want to protect the house or cars against feces, urine, and drool especially when pets aren’t trained yet. It usually costs more than the typical dog blanket, but it will save owners precious time and energy.

  •       Color and Pattern

Brands have various color and pattern choices that will satisfy your choice. If owners want to have that aesthetic please, it is best to choose colors and patterns that will match your pet’s hair color, home décor, and the car. Reversible dog blankets which have two different colors and patterns are also available for more variation.

  •       Washing Instruction

Dog blankets need to be washed regularly; may it be made of waterproof or non-waterproof material. Owners should always pay attention to the washing instructions written on the packaging. Delicate fabric usually needs to be hand-washed, while firmer blankets might break the washing machine. Nonetheless, most dog blankets are machine-washable and dryer-safe.

  •       Storage Care

Dog blankets in colder climates are bulkier and heavier because of the fabric materials used, as well as waterproof dog blankets. On the other hand, dog blankets in warmer climates are thin and are easier to store. Ideally, dog blankets that can be folded and stored in a pouch would be very handy when going out.

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