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Best Dog Blankets for Large Dogs

If you own a dog, your four-legged friend can easily become chilled during the winter months when the temperatures drop, which makes a dog blanket necessary. For larger breeds, it’s important to have a sizable blanket on hand that can offer a bit of warmth and comfort.

Denise, a dog lover, says, “Dog blankets are versatile and can be used for extra padding on hard floors to offer relief to achy joints. For my large dogs, I put the blankets in their dog house and their crate so they can feel more comfortable and don’t get too cold at night.”

Best Dog Blankets for Large Dogs

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How to Find The Best Dog Blankets for Large Dogs For Your dog

Your Buying Guide: Dog Blankets for Large Dogs

The cold weather or season can be a little harsh, especially if we do not have the right equipment or clothing to stay warm. It can mess with our body and cause some unwanted health problems, extreme discomfort, and all in all, just a bad experience. On the other hand, it can also bring comfort after a long season of basking under the scorching hot weather.  Whatever this plummet in temperature brings, we should still be ready for it and have the right things prepared. This preparation, of course, includes our pet’s well-being as well.

The Basics of Dog Blankets

Dogs can feel cold, too. Their fur can only do so much, but it still has its limit. During the harsh drop of temperature, we can help them warm up with dog blanketsーwhich can also aid them to sleep more comfortably. If your furry companion is a large fella, then you should choose the best dog blanket that will perfectly cover them up or will accommodate their wide and squishy frame. 

Dog blankets can also be used to prevent hairs (theirs or yours) from getting everywhereーin your furniture, inside the car, or on the floor. Companies have been making these dog blankets in different sizes, perfect for your continuously growing pooch. On top of that, these dog blankets have been developed with amazing features that will surely not waste your money.

Benefits of Using the Best Dog Blanket for Large Dogs

  • Sense of Security

Most of us have something that we treasure the most, something of great importance that we hold dear to us. Just like us, dogs can feel the same way too, with their things. 

Much like a favorite toy or blanket we had back then, dogs are the same with their possessionsーin this case, their own blanket. The smell and texture coming from their blanket will give them a sense of familiarity and security.

  • Comfortable Slumber

Aside from a sense of security, blankets can also bring them comfort while sleeping because of the softness and warmth they offer. It can be a little straining to always sleep on hard floors.

Finding the Best Dog Blanket for Large Dogs

  • Size

Large dog breeds require a large blanket, of courseーbut how large it is, is the main concern. An easy way of knowing the right size is to make your pooch lie down on his side and measure the space that was occupied. This way, it will be easier to know what size works best when you pick a dog blanket.

Some dog blankets have four different sizes, such as small, medium, large, and extra-large. The large ones are usually around four to five feet in length and four feet wide. The extra-large ones can be as long as six to ten feet in length and five feet wide.

  • Durability

This one is pretty important since our furry friends can be a little playful with their stuff and chew on them. The durability may depend on the kind of material used for the dog blanket, so make sure that it cannot be easily torn down by sharp teeth and energetic clawing. You can also check the edging of the blanket if it is double-stitched to avoid fraying.

  • Material

Dog blankets are available in different materials such as polyester, cotton, sherpa, fleece, or flannel. Some are made from wool, which is a bit on the expensive sideーand faux fur if you would like something soft, but still fashionable.

When choosing the material for a dog blanket, you should also consider its thickness, especially if you plan on purchasing two different blankets for warm and cold weather. 

  • Maintenance

No one likes a smelly and matted blanket, right? Maybe our beloved furry friend won’t mind it much, but we certainly do. It is definitely easier if your dog’s blanket is easy to wash, if not by hand, then by a washing machine. 

The type of material is also important in this part since some are not machine washable, and some can hold out fine. If you are not up for machine washing and only want a quick clean, then some can be easily cleaned by a few wipes.

  • Storage

The good thing about storage is it’s very useful when we travel a lot with our furry companions. There are dog blankets with zippers sewn onto them so you can easily fold them in a size that can be secured like a pillow, and then zip it from one end to the other. Storing it safely inside a drawer or cabinet will not be much of a hassle anymore.

As humans, we always seek for comfort whenever we relax, and dogs are not different from usーor any other animals at all. Dog blankets are very helpful when it comes to providing more peaceful slumber and a companion against the cold weather for our beloved dogs. If we want what’s best for them, then it surely won’t hurt much if we provide them something like this to bring more joy to our already happy and energetic dogs.

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