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Find the Perfect Dog Bicycle Trailer for Your Pup

Any cyclist who owns dogs will love the convenience and versatility of a dog bike trailer. Take your pooch out on the road with you for some fresh air as you coast along the tarmac on a sunny morning or afternoon. Dog trailers are a great way for you and your dog to enjoy time outside, get to a trailhead or a nice park to go play without having to load up in the car.

Read on for the DogGear team’s top dog bicycle trailer picks.

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Best Bicycle Trailer for Dogs

Best Bicycle Trailer for Dogs

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When we receive feedback, we always take it into account to expand or refine our reviews. Dog bicycle trailers are great for old and young dogs alike and can help your dog feel like part of the family. Buying a dog bicycle trailer might make you realize that your dog needs another product we can recommend, since we’ve completed research on hundreds of dog products!

Some of the other great pieces are gear for active dog owners are our hands free leashes, harnesses, bike leashes and travel water bowls and bottles.

How to Find the Perfect Bicycle Trailer For Your Dog

Learn more about how to find the right dog bicycle trailer below.

As a dog lover, you want your furry friend to have the best of everything life has to offer. Selecting the perfect bike trailer requires the same care as you would take with choosing their dog house or toys.

Dog trailers come in a variety of sizes to suit any breed of dog. The trailer housing doesn’t need to be as large as a doghouse, but it should provide ample room for your dog to sit up and lie down. Your dog won’t enjoy the ride if it’s cramped. Make sure there’s enough room for a few toys as well, this will give them something to play with if they get nervous on the first few rides.

Handling is a critical part of your dog bicycle trailer. It’s challenging to figure out how the trailer will move and handle through corners and over bumps without taking it out for a ride. However, look for components like suspension, large wheels with air-inflated tires, and a solid frame made from lightweight materials.

The sides and roof of the trailer protect your dog from jumping out, and other dogs jumping in. Mesh siding provides ample air-flow and a window for your dog to enjoy the view as the wind rushes through their fur. A zipper sun-roof allows them to poke their head out if they want to take a look at you.

The hitch is possibly the most crucial part of the trailer. This component affects the cornering speed, balance and stopping speed. If you corner too hard, some inferior models will take you with it when it tips over. While your dog will probably escape unharmed, you could end up with a nasty injury.

The flooring of your trailer needs to provide firm support and comfort to your dog while you ride together. Line it with a non-slip dog blanket for extra snugness. Portability is also a concern. Buy a collapsible trailer that’s easy to stow away in your car.

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To find the best dog bicycle trailer, select to begin by breed or by size

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