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Enjoy time with your dog using a ball launcher. This is a fun way to play fetch and keep your dog busy! Some ball launchers require you to throw, while others are automated. Either way, you’re sure to love how excited your dog gets when presented with the opportunity to play fetch.

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Best Ball Launcher for Dogs

Best Ball Launcher for Dogs

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Ball launchers are a fantastic way to play a game of fetch with your dog. Throw balls for your pooch without wearing out your pitching arm. Ideal for seniors that can’t throw for their dogs due to shoulder injuries. If you have healthy joints, the Chuckit! Launcher increases your throwing range, without paying a hefty price-tag. For those that don’t have the time to play with their animals, the iFetch automatic thrower is a great system that lets them take care of their entertainment. If you want to sit on the porch and play some fetch, the K9 cannon is an excellent option. Keep your dog fit and healthy while alleviating their anxiety with a ball launcher that suits your lifestyle. If this toy doesn’t really suit you and your dog, check out more of our top dog toys here. 

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To find the best dog ball launcher, select to begin by breed or by size

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