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Choosing a dog backpack can be a challenge, but we made it easier for you! We have put together a comprehensive list of dog backpacks, so you can find exactly what you need for your pet.

Of course, you will need to ensure that any backpack you buy will fit your dog. Check out this handy guide on how to determine the size of your dog, so you can get a dog backpack that fits perfectly.

We’ve grouped our favorite dog backpacks into these categories based on size so that you can choose from options that will best fit your dog. Or, you can try our quiz for more personalized recommendations.

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Best Backpack for Small Dogs

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*Medium-sized dogs can carry more weight than smaller pets, but care must be taken not to overburden them.

Best Backpack for Medium Dogs

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*Larger dogs can carry more weight, but choosing the right backpack is essential for ensuring safety and comfort.

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DogGear Philosophy

The best dog backpack can be a joy to have, and a good one will list you a lifetime. For many pet owners, this has proven to be an indispensable accessory that greatly adds to the enjoyment of walks and hikes.

Do check out the quiz provided on this page and fill out the answers as best as you can. This will help us give you even more amazing options in quality dog equipment and accessories.

How to Find The Best Dog Backpack For Your dog

Buying Guidelines: How To Choose The Best Backpack For Your Dogs

Do you love traveling with your furry friend? May it be strolling in the park, an adventurous trip, or hiking, we’re sure you’ve already encountered having a hard time when carrying stuff. It’s kind of burdensome if you have so many things to bring, and you don’t have extra hands to bring your pup’s utilities. Well, here’s the thing, we got a solution for that! Why not make your dog carry his stuff himself? With the use of the right backpack for your furry companion, you might just have the best trip with him!

What is a Dog Backpack?

For starters, a dog backpack is basically a bag designed for your pooch. It’s pretty similar to a human’s backpack, that keeps your pet’s accessories safe and protected with various pockets. With this product, your pup can carry his own food treats, water, and his other essentials that he needs when you’re going out together. 

Is a Dog Backpack Good for Your Dog?

You might have been wondering if your dog really needs a dog backpack. Is it even beneficial? What if it would only be a burden? Don’t worry! Backpacks are actually good for active dogs. Dogs sometimes find themselves happy when they feel like they have a task to do. Your canine friend would happily wear that backpack, but you still have to consider their age and health. Dogs that are too old with arthritis, joint pains, and other health conditions like heart and breathing problems, may have special considerations. You might want to consult your veterinarian first before buying. 

What are the Things I Need to Consider Before Buying a Backpack for My Dog?

  • Vet-Approved

Start by consulting your veterinarian. As we’ve said, your dog’s age and health should be prioritized first before anything else. The veterinarian would give you the tips you need so you can choose the best and right backpack for your canine friend. 

  • Size

To get the right size of the backpack for your pup, it’s necessary that you measure the circumference of his chest. Too big or too small backpacks might cause health problems, especially if worn for hours. 

  • Comfort

Straps and harness that are padded would definitely give Fido the maximum comfort he would need. This would also prevent your dog from having skin irritation. 

  • Durability

Surely, you don’t want to waste your money on a single-used product. No one wants to use it if it would be ripped in the middle of your trip. Always check the seams and stitches. This is usually a proven indicator of quality. 

  • Adjustability 

It’s all about getting that perfect fit! This is to make sure that it would not fall off him while on a trek. Backpacks with an adjustable chest strap are highly recommended, for it gives stability. It is also possible that you won’t have to buy new ones every time your dog grows.

  • Breathable

Pay attention to the fabric type being used. Usually, cotton canvas or rip-stop nylons are the ideal fabrics. Dogs might not like it if it will cause them too much sweating, most especially when you are doing tough activities while hiking.  

  • Carrying Capacity

One of the major purposes of your dog’s backpack is to lighten your burden in carrying stuff. So you have to look for compartments that are spacious enough to carry the necessities you would want your canine to bring. Some have pouches that can be detached, so try to look for that bonus!

  • Weight

It’s not only the size, but also the weight of the backpack. Heavy backpacks might burden your dogs when walking, so make sure to look for lightweight ones. We also suggest that you don’t put too many utilities. They can cause problems like loss of balance, difficulty in breathing, joint injuries, and many more. It is advised that your dog should only carry around ten to twelve percent of his weight. 

  • Visibility 

The color of the backpack is also important. This is to see your dog in dimly lit places easily. You might want to choose a brightly colored backpack to keep him safe and effortlessly spotted if he ever gets lost.

  • Washability

When looking for a backpack, it is also important that you consider its washability. Undoubtedly, your pooch might make his backpack dirty so choose something that can be easily cleaned. 

  • Price

Quality comes at a good price. You might want to save up for it and not just buy one immediately. Don’t buy imitation bags or anything from untrusted shops. Be a wise buyer, and it would definitely be worth it once you get a hold of that best backpack for your pup!

Backpacks aren’t just for us humans, dogs can use backpacks too! Choosing the best and right backpacks for your furry friend might seem confusing, but we hope that we’ve been able to help you. Now all you have to do is pick the best out of all the options and get ready to take on the journey with the best backpack for your precious dog! 

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