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Your little Dachshund pup is cute as a button, but they’re also extremely quick and agile. You need a quality harness to ensure they stay in place, and that you’re going to keep them comfortable at the same time. There’s a stigma around harnesses, but we both know how wild your Dachshund can be, so let’s get them a harness that they’re going to enjoy, and that looks aesthetically pleasing so you won’t feel bad about walking them in their harness.

Even though Dachshunds don’t grow to be a large size, it’s important to understand the different weight requirements to ensure you’re getting exactly what you need. For this guide, we’ve given three simple options, each of which have multiple sizes available during purchase.

This is designed to help you pick the most comfortable and controllable harness for your Dachshund pup. We’ve given a premium, close second and budget friendly option below, as well as further information on how to ensure you’re selecting the very best harness for your dog.

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DogGear Philosophy

We’re dedicated to bringing you the best dog gear, no matter what. Your dachshund pup needs a sturdy harness that’s going to help keep them in line without restricting them. We’re going for a harness that hugs your dog without hurting them: we want full comfort, but the peace of mind knowing that they aren’t going to rush off into danger. You know how dachshunds can get. We’ve also devised a way to make sure you get the exact harness you need.

Didn’t Find the Perfect Dachshund Harness or You?

Learn more about how to find the right custom dachshund harness below.

What Type of Dachshund Harness Should You Get?

First you need to consider how rowdy your dachshund is. If they’re mild-tempered, you can usually get away with a minimal harness without any repercussions. If your dog is prone to running off in a huff at random, then you’ll need to get a slightly stronger harness. Weight requirements are a big thing here, and usually fall within a very narrow margin. Pay attention to these for the best results.

How to Train Your Dachshund Pup to Walk With a Harness

This can be tricky, but if you’ve got the zeal, you can train them on how to walk with a harness within a couple of weeks. Even older, more stubborn dogs can still learn this in three to four weeks. The old saying “You can’t teach an old dog new tricks” doesn’t apply here, that’s for certain.

To start, you need to teach your dachshund that the harness is a safe space. They look to you for everything, including their day-to-day safety. Teach them through example that the harness is safe, not just by saying it, but by getting down on their level and showing them that it doesn’t hurt, and that it can feel really comfortable. Brush it with the back of your hand, and give them a minute to get used to it.

Next is differentiating that it isn’t a toy, but that it’s actually used for walking them around. Pups will get excited and find it to be a special thing, when in fact it’s going to become part of their daily lives.

Once you have them in the harness, this is where the fun begins. You have to positively redirect their movements and motions without causing them pain. You’ll notice some of the harnesses we listed are designed to not tug on their chest or neck, but instead will be able to calmly move their energy in a positive direction. If you find that they’re lunging at dogs or cars, calmly get in front of them and hold onto the harness, and direct them towards something else, like the path you were walking on.

If you’re worried about your pup barking at other dogs or things while you’re out on your walk, you can start training them for ten to fifteen minutes at a time by walking them around the backyard. This keeps them in a safe area that they know well, and shows them that this is just going to become a routine thing.

Do Harnesses Hurt My Dog?

Harnesses have had a bad rep because of bad owners, but harnesses do not inherently hurt your dog. In fact, even if you accidentally tug on the leash, the harness will shift their body instead of their necks, which can be far safer than doing this with a leash. Harnesses are a safer option, especially if your dog is notorious for rushing against their leash without regard for their safety.

How to Choose the Best Dachshund Harness for Your Dog

We’ve built a quiz to help you figure out exactly what type of harness you should get for your dachshund, based on user data, viability, and the weight requirements (among a few other elements). If you’re not quite sure what you should be going for, don’t worry: we’ve taken the necessary steps to ensure you’ll get a great dachshund harness on your first pick, so there’s no extra time spent shipping back a harness and waiting for a new one. Let’s get it right on the first try.

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