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For dog owners who love their pets, choosing the right dog bowl is just as important as choosing the right dog food. Those looking for the perfect gift for their canine friends will find that a custom dog bowl is an excellent choice. The DogGear team’s reviews of different brands provide valuable insights on the best custom dog bowls for specific dogs.

The size of your dog is an important factor to consider when buying a custom dog bowl for them. Before choosing the right dog bowl for your dog, use our size guide to determine where your dog falls on the DogGear scale.

In this review, we have gathered helpful information and categorized them into which custom dog bowls are great for specific sizes or breed of dogs. You can easily navigate the information by starting on the size of your dog that will lead you to the reviews of products that are meant for these sizes.

Best Custom Dog Bowls

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Best Custom Bowls for Dogs

Best Custom Bowls for Small Dogs

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*Medium dogs need bigger dog bowls since they also need more nutrition from food to keep them healthy and active. Our favorite personalized bowls for medium-sized dogs are up next!

Best Custom Bowls for Medium Dogs

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*Last but not least are our favorite personalized bowls for large dogs!

Best Custom Bowls for Large Dogs

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DogGear Philosophy

Dogs of different sizes need a different amount of food, which means their meals should also be placed in dog bowls compatible with their size and breed. Custom dog bowls could help owners show pride in their beloved canine best friends. Please complete the provided quiz to help us find an even better choice for you!

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What Type of Custom Dog Bowl Should You Get?

By choosing the right custom dog bowls, dog owners can ensure that their dogs will enjoy their meals more and prevent daunting tasks of spillage and cleaning. Size, weight, age, activity, feeding area, quality of materials and physical condition are some important factors to consider when choosing the right custom dog bowl for your pets. Moreover, owners should consider if the dog bowl is ceramic or stainless steel. Some of these products might encounter damage with improper washing.

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