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Best Crates For Penning Your Dog

To keep your dog safe, secure, and comfortable, your dog requires a high-quality and durable pen. These pens are a great way to keep an eye on your fur baby at all times to ensure they’re not getting into any sticky or potentially dangerous situations. Whether at home or on the go, these crates are portable so you can always have your baby nearby to keep your special bond going.

Veterinarian, Dr. Jarett Gilpin, said, “I recommend a solid crate to every pet parent who comes into my office. These pens provide a safe, contained environment for your baby to sleep, play, eat, and more, all in comfort. Best of all, a sturdy crate is the perfect way to keep your baby safe.”

Best Crates For Penning Your Dog

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How to Find The Best Crates For Penning For Your dog


Taking care of a dog is more of a responsibility than a hobby. You should be able to provide the best care so your pet can live a happy and healthy life. If you are a fur-parent that wants your dog to feel free to roam in and out of the house, you should know that it is equally important that you provide them with their private personal space so they can feel safe. A crate is a useful tool to give your pet because you can give them a comfortable area to rest in and at the same time, you can curb several problematic behaviors with the right use of these crates.

How to Measure the Dog Crate

In choosing the right crate to use for penning, it is important that you first know how to measure the dimensions of your dog and the crate so you can be sure that your dog will be comfortable inside. The first thing you should measure is the length of your dog. If your dog is standing on all fours, the right measurement to take is from the tip of the nose to the base of its tail. You should not include the full tail length of your dog because the result would be too large, just add around two to four inches for allowance. Next, make your dog sit so you can measure the top of their head to the floor for the height of the crate and add two to four inches so your dog can still reach up without banging their head on the top of the crate. If your dog belongs to a large breed but it is still a puppy, instead of buying crates of multiple sizes, we recommend that you get them a crate with divider panels so you can match the space that they need as they grow. It is not advisable to get your puppy a large crate right away because it might ruin their potty training if they get a space that’s large enough that they can poop in one area and sleep in another.

Dog Crate Types that are Good for Penning

  •       Metal

Metal crates are made from thick wires and metal sheets which make these the most durable among dog crate types. Crates made with this kind of material usually have see-through walls so you can keep an eye on your pet at all times. The mechanism also allows greater airflow so you can be assured that your dog has better circulation. Most metal crates have divider panels so you can adjust the crate space depending on the size of your dog. Removable trays are also available to make cleaning up messes easier and quicker. However, metal crates can cause anxiety for dogs that are not accustomed to being exposed and these are fairly easy for active dogs to break out of.

  •       Plastic

Plastic crates are ideal if you want to transfer your dog from one place to another with ease. Compared to metal and wood crates, this is extremely lightweight and portable with more secured hatches. Plastic crates come in various designs, but the most basic ones include a sheltered bottom which can also serve as a pet bed. The plastic frame can also be mixed with mesh materials to make your dog’s stay in the crate more comfortable and safe. Compared to metal, plastic crates can provide better insulation for colder conditions and these can make your dog feel less exposed. The drawbacks of using this type of crate are the difficulty in cleaning as well as the reduced ventilation so it is not recommended to use it if you usually experience hot weather in your area.

  •       Wood

Wooden dog crates offer a traditional and elegant style to your indoor décor without sacrificing your dog’s personal space. This is available in various designs and colors so you can choose one that would not clash with your furniture and home space. Compared to metal, wooden crates can give your dog a sense of security because the wood does not expose too much of their area. It is also breathable enough compared to plastic that your dog will not feel discomfort during a hot climate. However, wooden crates are more expensive and are harder to maintain compared to other crate types. It is also not suitable for destructive dogs because the wood will not be able to withstand gnawing and scratching.

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